01. Flim – Reincarnation (Original Mix)

02. Flim – Reincarnation (3phazegenerator Rework)

03. Flim – Under The Sun (Original Mix)

04. Flim – Phangan (Original Mix)




2 Comments to “Flim – Reincarnation EP”

  1. Reincarnation (Original Mix) >> Nice one. I love it.

  2. 1st track IS ROCKIN! I’m pissed off you guys only gave me a sample to listen to! I was really groovin that track!
    2nd track was really wacked out techy crazy shit that would never work on a dancefloor but cool all the same
    3rd track was REALLY cool! great way to start out a gritty dark techno set! Kick ass
    4th track was another one of those early set starters not as good as the 3rd track but still a cool one to listen to

    I was not impressed that i couldn’t listen to the entire tracks but still expected to give a review. How am i supposed to review your tracks without hearing them etirely?

    But ANYWAYS …. The 1st track Reincarnation was SICK! That will be your golden ticket to this release!

    Nothin but love to my boy Flim!

    ~DJ Kilo

    DJ Kilo