01. V1NZ – Hope (Original Mix)

02. V1NZ – Hope (R-Play remix)

03. R-Play – Boom (Original Mix)

04. R-Play – Boom (V1NZ remix)



A fine combination of minimalism with cutting edge quality cuts here. Perfect for the listener and definitely fueled for the dance floors. R-PLAY brings some serious bass and his signature blips-bleep style. V1NZ adds in a proper minimalistic vibe, with complex synth patches, wicked syncopation, and booming bass and beats.

V1NZ - "Hope" (Original MiX)
Rolling anologue bass bubbles along in a liquid acidic matter-like form, as the kick surfs along punching through gently yet strong and defined. This one was written with a specific idea/experience in mind; for which the track name was derived. Haunting melodies and some seriously proper percussion brings about the influence this artist has had since day one, and combining to provide pure minimal techno (the non-boring kind).

V1NZ - "Hope" (R-PLAY rEm1X)
R-PLAY's mix really brings a touch of good feeling an some real serious sound both in the subs and the breath of the reverberation on the high end. Blips and bleeps abundant to put your head in a continuous bopping state. Lovely remix!!!

R-PLAY "BOOM" (Original Mix)
This one must have gotten named based on the sonic force you can feel exploding from the speakers upon the drop off the kick and sub sweet bass line. Minamilistic blips and bleeps bring R-PLAY's signature style to the table. This one fits well in the mix.

V1NZ builds upon the original adding syncopated percussive switches, dark eerie strings, and massive boom-iness. THIS ONE IS THE HEAVY ONE HERE! Yet it still maintains a minamilistic vibe moving along at 125BPM. The lead bleep from the original is spiced up with filters, delays, and just flat out sonic mutation. The deep, dark, and defined interlude as well as the final drop are not to be missed! This one is sure to be MASSIVE on BIG sound systems!!!



12 Comments to “V1nz vs. R-Play – Blackjack EP”

  1. wonderful EP… the playlist

  2. Really like both the remixes. Will chart/play

    Sebastian Bayne
  3. r-play’s remix & his original is very cool… it would be
    the bomb if the remix would be without that long noise… but will play it anyway :)

    Patrick Lindsey
  4. Fanatstic release.I am going with the pulse of V1NZ’s
    “Hope”as my fav track…it sucked me in straight away.some grand atmospherics on it too! R-Plays “boom”a close second with its really nice Funkin and jackin appeal and some strong sonic textures.

  5. Another great EP by V1NZ.

  6. One of the best tracks from V1NZ, i absolutely love the
    hypnotic and funky drive of this track.

    DJ Hi-Shock
  7. Hope (R-Play Remix) is for me.. Nice dark atmo and groove
    on this remix!

    Claudio Masso
  8. R-Play Remix is cool!

    Sasha Carassi
  9. Wow GREAT EP…reallu like it !! SOunding BIG !
    My big favs are Hope..original and rmx !! Very nice to hear you my friend..peace.

  10. Hope (R-Play) is my fav. of the bunch, got a nice funky
    groove to it, will work in my more funky sets.

    Audio Injection
  11. nice tracks,all tracks are very well made and original

    Xavier Morel
  12. V1nz remix of Boom for me here. Thats head boppin sh1t!

    Ben Mill