01. Alkan – Creaks and Leaks (Dich Remix)
02. Raditz Room – Untitled 02 (Dich Remix)
03. Mattias Fridell – Morbid Collection
04. Monocraft – Blinding Darkness (The Seekers Remix)
05. V1NZ – Hope
06. Raditz Room – Untitled 01
07. Monocraft – Blinding Darkness
08. Monocraft – Face Crash Test (Octave Remix)
09. Alkan – Creaks and Leaks
10. Julien Piacentino – Adelante
11. R-Play – Boom (V1NZ Remix)
12. Raditz Room – Androidz
13. O&R – Yetti Theory
14. Positive Merge – Africa (Raditz Room ‘Safari’ Mix)
15. Moondrum – Who Is On The Throne
16. Virgil Enzinger – Decode (VX Remix)
17. Kroman Celik – 4 Flies on Grey Velvet
18. Sebastian Groth – The Milkman
19. Kroman Celik – Listen
20. Kai Randy Michel – Arabian Nights

System Hypnosis – Promo Mix

System Hypnosis MIX by DJ Hi-Shock (Android Muziq) by elektrax


For a fairly new label, Android Muziq continues to impress with quality 100% techno and minimal, with releases from various artists forming the Android sounds. The 4th installment from the label outlines releases from artists such as Monocraft, Virgil Enzinger, Raditz Room, Kai Randy Michel, V1NZ, and Mattias Fridell.

Alkan intro’s the compilation with some help from Argentinian minimalist Dich. With minimal being misrepresented in the electronic scene at the moment, be sure to remain at peak with the originality behind the style of music, with additions by Raditz Room and his looping percussion with deep and dark basslines.

Changing momentum of music towards techno with coarse kicks, Monocraft features with dark techno, shifting rhythm to Virgil Enzinger, with club banger Decode. With sharp edged mystic vibe, Kroman Celik gets the ears working for his track Listen, finally leaving way for Kai Randy Michel, with a track assuring a melodic synth that seems to run purposeful with the vibe of his track, Arabian Nights.



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