Logo Side A:

A1. M.A.D.A. & Plankton – Farina (Tom Hades Remix)

A2. M.A.D.A. & Plankton – Farina (Original Mix)

Info Side B:

B1. M.A.D.A. & Plankton – Bronto Store (Original Mix)

B2. M.A.D.A. & Plankton – Bronto Store (Michael Schwarz Remix)



Driving techno with strong minimal vibes from Sydney label Android Muziq. Strictly limited 12" vinyl edition. Played and Supported by: Franco Bianco, Audio Injection, Phuture Traxx, Miniminds, Steve Parker, Morgan Tomas, Sasha Carassi, Kimono, Hugo Paixao, DJ Hi-Shock, Sam Paganini, Octave, Elektor, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Kiko & more!



32 Comments to “M.A.D.A. & Plankton – Spartiat EP”

  1. cool tracks full support I’ll play(Michael Schwarz Remix)

    adriano giliberti
  2. Great EP! All tracks are massive!

  3. Bronto Store original!!! BOMB :)

    Miss Sunshine
  4. fantastic ep!!!!!! tom hades remix its my fovorite

    Nico Schimmelpfennig
  5. excellent, rien à jeter je suis fan Merci !!!! support +++

    nathalie du 13
  6. BOMB Release….full support..Michael Schwarz RMX is my fav ….

    De Hessejung
  7. Very nice release!!! I like Tom Hades remix and the originals!! Support!!

    Alberto Pascual
  8. all are real bombs for the dancefloor! full support :-]

  9. all mixes are really good….massive EP….seriously!

    Jason Fernandes
  10. great ep … i like it

    Bronto Store is the best !

    Andy White
  11. Fucking dancefloor stuff!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Franco Bianco (Multivitamins, Hypercolour, Dilek)
  12. All 4 are great, i will play Michael Schwarz.

    Spark Taberner
  13. loving the Tom Hades Remix, Full Support On this one

    Hugo Paixao
  14. tom hades remix is very cool !!!

  15. All tracks are good!

    Sam Paganini
  16. cool tracks, will try these out!

    Audio Injection
  17. Great release, but Bronto Store original is my Fav..

    Stereo underground
  18. Fantastic EP !!!!!!! All tracks are really GREAT !!!!
    My fav is Tom Hades rmx…incredible one… !!!
    FULL SUPPORT !!!!!!!

  19. Great ep!!! I like all tracks!!!Especially Tom Hades rmx!!!

  20. Great ep!!!
    I’ll play of sure Tom Hades rmx and Bronto Store Original Mix!!!

  21. Farina (Original mix) !!

    SUPPORT !!

  22. Great work. Favourites are the Farina original and Tom Hades remix. Solid techno. Full support.

  23. Supporting “Bronto Store” (Original), effective techno slammer.

    Phuture Traxx
  24. the best is schwartz rmx ! but all tracks are good !

    Mark Morris
  25. Remixes are cool but Originals are the best for me !

    Steve Parker
  26. Michas remix and Bronot store original for me.. great ep!!

    Mike Wall
  27. Great package overall, but the Tom Hades remix of Farina and the Bronto Store original are my favorites.

    Sean Sanders
  28. Massive release, rmx from Tom Hades are awesome, full support tx!

    Morgan Tomas
  29. nothing but awesome!!! All tracks are bombs!!!

    Blood & Tears / Marco Danneberg
  30. All tracks are wicked!Expecially into Tom Hades Remix!


    Sasha Carassi
  31. Very nice EP!! Tom Hades remix is my choice. BOOM!

  32. Thank you very much! I love Tom Hades remix!! Support

    Gennaro Mastrantonio