ABOUT Bactee & Tito

Labels: Translucent, Gynoid Audio

Bactee (Robert Le?ny) has started his music adventure over 10 years ago. He made his first steps as a D.J. in Poznan (Poland). In 2006 Robert has created a Renesance Project and invited his friend Tito (Krzysztof Wasi?ski) to join him. At first they only had a few instruments but very fast their studio turned into a gigantic mine of new tools and technical experiences.

Bactee & Tito’s music is hard to classify in correct kind of electronic music and this is their biggest advantage! The sounds are deep and funky but always stay away from standards and focus and innovation and experimentation.

In the middle of 2007 Bactee & Tito presented their music live to the big public and got very good reactions. On top of playing live, they are also co-workers, remarkers and remixers and collaborate with many international artists and labels.

Bactee & Tito focus their work on the live-acts based on various hardware. They are very creative artists and have just signed a new EP to Gynoid Audio.