ABOUT Dario Sorano

DJing Dario Sorano was born in Naples, he begins very soon to listen to the Electronic and Techno music and at the age of 14 he realizeed that the Electronic and Techno music was the expression of his own personality. Not long after he deepened his musical knowledge at first playing acoustic drums and then electronic drums; later on he devoted his time to the analogic synthesizer’s analysis.

Several years later he played his dj set in the best club located in the centre of Naples, Italy and Europe.

Together with his friends he decided to occupy an old structure creating at that moment the famous c.s.o.a. Macello.

He has collaborated and played with several techno dj and producers Marcello Coleman, Sasha Carassi, Snello, Tom Hades, Valentino Kanzyani, DJ Rush, Joseph Ala, Krenzlin, Luke Creed, Mark Morris, Red Square live, Logotech, Loso, David Christoph, Ross Alexander, Frank Savio, Dimitri Motofunk & George Libe, Chris David and many more…

Finally he has reached the international scene thanks to the issue of his first EP Man-Made Ep on Ketra Rec.