Please read and provide the required information to complete your demo submission. Due to the large amount of demos we receive weekly, we will not be able to give feedback to everyone. Someone from our A&R team will be in touch within 7-14 days, but ONLY if we feel that your demo is of interest to our labels.

Before sending your demos, please read this first!

  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK ! get to know the sound of our labels, and don’t send something that is clearly not the right sound, we will just ignore it
  • demos must include minimum 3 tracks, we can’t offer a release with only one or two tracks, unless you have already arranged some remixes, if so, then please also send them together with your originals
  • Dropbox links are the best, WeTransfer is not good, it expires too soon, NO SOUNDCLOUD or other streaming links please, we will not check them
  • demos must be properly mixed-down or mastered, we won’t consider anything that sounds unprofessional or unfinished
  • no WAV files, all demos must be in 320kbps MP3 format and the tracks must be full-length
  • each track has to be properly named, so we know who the demo is from ! example: DJ Tek – This Is Acid.mp3, NOT just demo1.mp3
  • NO broken-beat, NO trance, NO electro, NO dub-step, NO cheese, and NO crap that many other labels already rejected !
  • we can no longer sign brand new artists, so only send your demos if you have at least 2 EP’s already out on established labels
  • finally, please don’t chase us for feedback, if we really like your sound, we will be in touch !