ABOUT e383

E383 (aka Thomas Mccluskey) is a Techno producer from the Scottish highlands.

After leaving the army in 1991 at 18, discovered the thriving breakbeat hardcore scene and soon started dabbling in electronic music production using a very minimal setup for a few years.

Came 2nd in a local radio mixing competition, using nothing but an old Commodore amiga 500 computer and a beat up old mixer/tape deck.

Then discovered the sounds of Techno through John Peel and Dave Clarke on Radio 1, was hooked instantly and soon started experimenting with this newly discovered sound.

2003 came with the first Techno release, on vinyl and cd, titled ‘Illegal Beats’ on Sifted Recordings (New York). The track was released under his own name – Thomas Mccluskey and was still almost entirely produced using the same old Commodore Amiga 500 computer. 2 remixes were done by DJ Donovan (New York) and Ramie Burns (New York)

Thomas was then forced to take a long break from music due to serious health issues. He is now fully recovered and has been experimenting in the studio with much better equipment. Now back with new material and continually producing more.