01. Deep 1 (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
02. Deep 1
03. Sunday Morning



Deep 1 EP kicks off with DJ Hi-Shock Remix, and as you would expect, Hi-Shock blatantly feels right at home remixing a track with such atmosphere. The track starts by building on the atmosphere created in the original with more useful reverb and effective panning, opening the stereo field. Movement is created with kick drum pattern variations before the introduction of the Hi-Shock trademark arrpegiated bass line that really takes this track up a notch or two. Perfect for the transition into putting the dancefloor to work.

Deep 1 Original Mix is s a sound scape of phasing percussion and delayed warm pads layered on top of a kick and hi hat combination that keeps this deep little number chugging along. A nice use of reverb really creates the space desired here in a track that would not be out of place on a Code Red Compilation back in the day:)

Sunday Morning, is just that, Sunday morning. Only the sun is not up yet and no-one has gone home. 'Sunday Morning' is a dirty druggy club thumper with its laid back feel, hissing off beat hi-hats and pumping breathing use of compression, it really sets itself to make your body rock A la DJ HMC's LSD.

- Reviewed by Ben Mill



10 Comments to “DJ Warp: Deep 1 EP”

  1. deep 1 original – deep & chill

    Miss Nine
  2. really nice release. Love it.

  3. well crafted deep tech! this is a solid release!

  4. Deep 1 – original is nice and will also be liked by prog heads aswell, nice warm vibe!

    Sasha Le Monnier
  5. Deep 1 I really like, deep, warm and dark at the same time, sounds like a great mid-set bridge track that would translate well in a small to mid size room

    Kev Obrien
  6. DJ Hi-Shock Remix – I like the sharpness of the sounds choosen, the surprising breaks and the density of synths.

    Franck de Villeneuve
  7. Deep 1 (original). This will def be spun in my sets.

    Dirty [M]
  8. Nice deeper stuff, digging Sunday Morning the most of the three, will give it a play on some mix shows at the very least!

    Paul Mac
  9. going for both Deep 1 versions..will play!

    Patrick Lindsey
  10. 10 out of 10 for Sunday Morning!

    Gayle San