01. Taitei Drums (Original Mix)
02. Taitei Drums (Secret Surfer Remix)
03. Taitei Drums (DJ Warp Remix)



Ostensibly reared on a now-deserted island called Gunkanjima, just off the coast from Nagasaki, Jungle Taitei (real name unknown) admits to being just as influenced by pioneering electronic musician Isao Tomita - who composed the soundtrack for Osamu Tezuka's 1960s anime series, 'Janguru Taitei' (Kimba the White Lion) - as he has been by Tim Taylor and Dan Zamani's sizzling 1994 tribal-techno record, 'The Planet Of Drums'.

The legacy of both is crystal clear in the original mix of 'Taitei Drums': a superb, instant classic, tribal-percussive-tech track, the debut overseas release by the unconventional, reclusive artist. It starts slow and swirling, but the kick, when it arrives, is a formidable one that dazzles the senses, completely living up to the title and adding an element or two of surprise.

Secret Surfer mix takes the existing structure and hammers into a scintillating Detroit/Berlin techno crossover familiar to lovers of his formidable style: mind-blowingly deep, dark, and dirty, this is like Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems days folded into old school Underground Resistance and recharged for a completely new millennium, aimed at a dancefloor packed with hundreds of gyrating, willing victims.

Japan's notorious DJ Warp then takes the loftily-held baton and sustains it in ingenious new ways: He continues the tribal Detroit theme, and injects a funky, butt-shaking edge and mesmerizing keyboard stabs worthy of Jeff Mills, Derrick May and Juan Atkins in their more grooved-out, dancefloor-adjusted moments.

Glorious stuff on so many levels, from all three innovative artists.



8 Comments to “Jungle Taitei – Taitei Drums EP”

  1. So tribal drums!!

    DJ Ichitomi
  2. Bangin’!

    Pete PSAF
  3. All versions are punchy + tribal tech at its best!

    Nina P
  4. Some great drum work that will put you in a techno trance..Nice tribal sound..will support

  5. good release with nice loops and textures. i like it!

  6. nice groovy beat. will be playing

  7. DJ Warp remix, really nice percussion, gives off a super tribalish/techish vibe, this is pure late night drug music, indeed.

    Kev Obrien
  8. dj warp mix is best

    Chloe Harris