01. Melancholia (Original Mix)
02. Melancholia (Dave Tarrida Remix)
03. Melancholia (DJ Warp Remix)



DJ Hi-Shock, that master-blaster behind the whole Elektrax phenomenon, takes time out from label CEO duties to return with an explosive track - 'Melancholia' is a devastatingly deep, heavy, dark warehouse experience that storms the senses on so many levels. This is moody techno with an industrial edge that's so immaculately conceived that it would destroy any grinding dancefloor at peak time.

The second track is a remix from Dave Tarrida (Tresor), who goes all wistful and cheeky, in a bouncier, lighter deconstruction of Hi-Shock's original. At times it pauses to wind down the sizzling, frenetic funkiness, then reboots in that Sativae style Tarrida is famous for.

Japan's almighty DJ Warp gets all the more funky-tech, in a butt-shaking Detroit style jam Jeff Mills might be pleased to call his own, and drifting in tone towards Takkyu Ishino's superlative 'Berlin Trax' efforts from 1998.



21 Comments to “DJ Hi-Shock – Melancholia EP”

  1. Melancholia (Dave Tarrida Remix) is my favourite track! I love this groove, very cool, will play it for sure!

    Claudio Masso
  2. original mix is freakin bangin! wow i really love the spaced out interlude! The wicked kick/bass pairing and proper percussion form an absolutely mind bender. This is no doubt a dancefloor shaking groove. lovely…

  3. dave tarrida remix is spot on. has got a great rhythm to this very serious track.

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  4. Love the Dj Warp remix, simply classy & banging !!!!

    Gayle San
  5. prefer DJ Warp remix. wicked stuff!

  6. DJ Hi-Shock Scores big with another club stormer. The original mix is definitely peak time material. Dave Tarrida provides a fantastic peak time mix as well. All in all another hit out of the park for Elektrax. Well done!

    Claude Young
  7. Original Mix – quality dark slamming funky dancefloor techno. Dj Warp – funked up, dig the rolling beats on this.

    orlando b
  8. this time its the Dave Tarrida rmx that wins my heart…reason? this style fits with all that minimal electro trax i’m playn’ a.t.m.

    Commander Tom
  9. Dave Tarrida nice and funky but Original is nice n hard, tough ep.

    dj devious
  10. There’s no denying the power of the Original mix here…deep pulsing rolling techno…awesome.

  11. All 3 mixes are great, although the original mix is probably my favourite :)

  12. I like them all, they’re all in pretty different styles but they are very cool. I think i prefer the tarrida mix overall.

    dave the drummer
  13. dj warp mix!

    wyndell long
  14. The size and depth of the original. Proper big warehouse party techno. Its such a moody beast. love it.

    Bitch Shift
  15. Nice release, dj warp remix is a really groovy track

  16. OK, what we have here is scintillating stuff – the original mix is killer, hard, heavy techno; Dave Tarrida’s remix is just what you’d expect from the Tresor/Sativae iconcolast. Smashing indeed!!

  17. Very strong release the original mix has a 90’s Techno feel to it & the Dave Tarrida remix is rocking

  18. i like the original, great dark atmosphere, great voice, cool synth.

  19. wow, the original is a bit full on for my sets, i think the dave tarrida mix is the one

  20. Have been waiting for this baby for a while now. Killer tune. Love the funk of the Tarrida mix as well :)

    Bitch Shift
  21. Astounding – Hi-Shock is brilliant as ever!!

    Pete PSAF