01. Machines and Robotz 2010 (Original Mix)
02. Classicz 909 (Original Mix)
03. Mellow Drumz (Original Mix)



Bring back classic analogue techno. In a day dominated by production in Ableton Live and other sample oriented computer based production techniques, this is a refreshing reintroduction to classic analogue production techniques.

Machines & Robotz by German producer A:T:A (Analogue Techno Alliance) is one hell of a package! While a stomping release it thankfully lacks that overproduced and compressed sound found in a lot of harder techno these days and allows for the dynamics of the machines complimented with there reverb.

Machines and Robotz 2010, is definitely my favourite track on this release, this features some really nice drum programming in the tom section and some amazing counterpoint rhythms across all the synths and drums that I haven't heard done so well since the AFU compilation CD came out in the mid 90's. This is a classic analogue techno track showing off exactly what a bunch of simple and machines all carefully synced and programmed can do. About half way through the track we get treated to a simple yet timeless analogue squelch.

Classicz 909, as the name says this sounds like absolute classic 909 programming, one would expect from Thomas P Heckmann or possibly Woody McBride..Reverbed claps and snares and that floating yet hard as f&^k ride sound. There's a sample and hold style synth that goes through this entire track and some other filtered analogue synths that hold you into the track, but the real work is in the drums.....

Mellow Drumz, A classic 909 bass kick with a bass line that could be constructed from an 808 kick, this is classic Techno, not quite acid as it doesn't have that 303 but it does have just about everything else. Right down to classic 909 ride sections that I love so much. As the band suggests this is Analogue Techno with lots of mid range synths a "siren sound" an a really nice pad comp all the way through. The arrangement is wonderful building track with sections to highlight each of the different parts.

All in all this a fantastic demonstration from someone with some amazing talent at both production of the sounds and arranging them into some very danceable tunes.

- Reviewed by: Son of Zev



18 Comments to “A:T:A – Machines & Robotz”

  1. nice!!! especially the 2010 Original Mix

    Michael MD (Spraci)
  2. This release absolutely slams…. Many attempt this classic sound.. very few nail it like A:T:A has done here.

    Son of Zev (IF? Records)
  3. classic sounding techno with a real 90s vibe!! excellent release.

    orlando b (uk)
  4. I checked out the new release – it’s wicked, really good quality techno and I like it – it’s on the feature list :-)

    tom (beatsdigital)
  5. what can i say:

    commander tom (germany)
  6. Mellow Drumz is a really cool techno track that smells like Tresor basement. Will definitely drop it there on my next gig.

    Mijk van Dijk (Germany)
  7. Machines and Robotz 2010 is wild – so reminds me of the ’90s Melbourne live acid/electronica of people like Zen Paradox and TR-Storm.
    Classicz 909 is more repressed Chicago and hats, also cool, and Mellow Drumz a superbly spacey number. Nice release!

    Andrez (Little Nobody)
  8. 01 – yes, analog sounding
    02 – intensity building
    03 – subsonic’s are alive and kicking

  9. There is no doubt that all tracks on this release make my own “Machinist” heart beat with pride….Mellow Drumz is the standout…love that rolling sonar beacon theme…awesome.

    Enclave (Melbourne)
  10. Every track makes me feel nostalgic! Ah, sweet 90s’ memories!

    PPCANDY (aka Hideo Saito) (Japan)
  11. Classic, sounds. Rich and warm, for me, this type of Techno is proper timeless stuff.

    Bitch Shift (Melbourne)
  12. Nice to hear some crunchy raw stuff on Elektrax!

    Zen Paradox
  13. sounds phat!

    LENNY DEE (Industrial Strenght)
  14. Mellow Drumz. My kind of shit!

    wyndell long
  15. This is a very strong release it’s pure Analog Techno

  16. I like this twisted sounds.

    SERi (Japan)
  17. Machines and Robotz 2010 is my favourite. Powerful groove with a massive drumkit!

    Claudio Masso (Italy)
  18. Mellow Drumz has kidnapped my ears! Really love the bassline/kick pairing (got me out of my chair). Proper percs and truly deep synth stabs pull the listener along. Nice work!