01. Godzilla (Paul Mac Remix)
02. Megamac (Original Mix)
03. Godzilla (Original Mix)
04. Africa (Original Mix)



Godzilla - Paul Mac remix - One of Techno's electronic percussion wiz's comes to the fore here on 'Godzilla' remix duties. Paul Mac delivers the funk and groove he is famous for, with a percussion rich re-take on the original. The bass line just funks along nicely and the stabs get inside your head as the percussion compliments them both superbly. Killer...killer...groove.

Megamac original - 'Mr machine funk himself' - DJ Warp, delivers tough Tech Funk again straight off his very own conveyor belt. Industrial like percussion programmed to a funky beat steals the show here as it builds slowly, offering more layers and getting tougher and of course funkier.

Godzilla original - The original of 'Godzilla', by DJ Warp, again delivers his trademark 'machine' percussion. this time accompanied by a funky rolling bass line and filtered out synth line, again accompanying each other perfectly, the synth slowly builds the tension before Warp pulls the percussion from under our feet and then delivers the goods again. Dancefloor's will love it.

Final track Africa is a pure tribal number and a perfect example of proper techno, this is true minimalism!



14 Comments to “DJ Warp – Godzilla EP (feat. Paul Mac Remix)”

  1. Nice remix Paul !

    DJ Warp
  2. Nice Tracks!!

    Toshio Ueki
  3. Quality grooves here, Africa is my fav.

    3 deep
  4. Great floor filler of an EP! Al the tracks are fantastic. My favorites are Godzilla Original Mix & Paul Mac Mix + Africa. Definitely a winner!

    Claude Young
  5. Nice release! I love this pumpin’ groove, my favorite is “Africa”, i will play it for sure!

    Claudio Masso
  6. Megamac and Paul’s remix are dope!

    roman zawodny
  7. gozilla paul mac remix and megamac are slammin jackin’

    wyndell long
  8. tough funky percussive. really like the build ups before the kick drops on tracks 3 and 4. paul mac mix is also excellent!

    orlando b (uk)
  9. Very nice EP. Megamac and the original mix of Godzilla are my clear favorites.

    e383 (Scotland)
  10. Megamac (Original Mix) and Godzilla (Original Mix) are the tracks that get me on this one…Paul Mac version quite nice too.

    Michael MD (SPRACI, AUS)
  11. Another blazin release! all tracks are quality :)

    Hologram Hookers
  12. The Steve Mac must be the best track ever released on Elektrax so far.
    Full support from my side!
    Makes me think to work even harder on my “Wurx”-Remix (which I
    recently started) to somehow try to live up to this.
    “Megamac is also sweet, really like the industrial percussion of the tune.

    mijk van dijk
  13. Paul Mac remix. Oh the percussion and the vibe of the bass! Hardgroove forever!

    Bitch Shift
  14. Killer stuff by Warp, and unbelievable mix by Paul Mac, and artwork to absolutely die for. Bloody brilliant release!!