01. Dionysus (Original Mix)
02. Dionysus (Thanatos Remix)
03. Summoned Response (Original Mix)
04. Schematics (Original Mix)



To drink with Dionysus demands a forgoing of general senses. Served early in a set this track hints at the mayhem to follow. Darting synths and subtle textures form an intoxicating melody which rides atop the crisp percussion. Together they create a euphoric dichotomy that is both original and predictive. As the booming four to the floor kick reaches out from the ghostly carnival of sounds; reverberating rides surf the high end. This one is sure to put the dance floor in motion.

Straight out of Milan, Thanatos brings forth an extended edit of the original mix, topped by a serious helping of mind altering effects. With a twisted play on the original synth patch; the drunkenly pitch bent melody coasts nicely on a solid percussive foundation. Reverb laden hi-hats and claps accompany a delightfully pounding kick, sure to put the crowd in motion. Worth noting are two truly intense percussion starved breakdowns, which undoubtedly will serve for great transitions deep in a set. This is truly a dark piece of techno!

With an almost visual appeal Summoned Response plays upon the lives of the weary and downtrodden as it forces them towards a reckoning with their constant state of being. From the start; with its hypnotic spaced out intro; this sonic landscape brings the heart of techno into a field of melting iron. Things intensify as panning claps, modulated synth comps, and shuffling percs move in and out. A collection of tripped out interludes serve as hypnotic borders between conversing rhythms and stabbing synth cries. An auditory blending of banging pipes, syncopated hi hats, churning furnaces and animalistic pleas, Summoned Response will force a conversation with ones psyche.

To conclude, Dionysus serves up one final offering.

Schematics delivers blaring rides, shimmering hi hats, and delicate minimalistic polyrhythms; in a frenetic high end shuffle. Down below, a deep booming kick fits well with the fierce droning bassline; whilst periodic choir toned synth stabs set an eerie presence along the way. An array of seriously dark synth hooks enter and exit, bringing the listener back to a dark warehouse in Brooklyn circa 1998. A true delineation of proper techno, this one is certain to be a hard hitting bomb late into the night!



11 Comments to “V1NZ – Dionysus EP”

  1. Nice – classic oldskool techno with modern production. I like all these tracks.

    Steve Law
  2. nice and dark ..

    Michael MD (SPRACI, AUS)
  3. Liked very much all tracks here, as always. We need more of this techno, intense, hipnotic, serious and dark…
    I hope you release some of this stuff on vinyl, I need to play your wonderful music!

    Bran Lanen
  4. It’s good to see that Techno is coming back strong in 2009 since the Minimal bubble has burst. This release proves that Techno has not died! I love all of the tracks they are just pure unadulterated Techno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darkmode (UK)
  5. The rolling grooves of Summoned Response and Schematics are the winners here…there are plenty of subliminals in these mixes too…lots to discover….very nice!!

  6. real nice tough funky release. favourite track summoned…

    orlando b
  7. what can i say – the 2 mixes of Dionysus really making me sad i’m not playing this kind of music any more ….
    the thanatos rmx almost makes me wanne change back and playit – good old technoo days – good work – great EP !!!
    ravesignals to the producers :))

    commander tom
  8. Dionysus (Thanatos Remix)is my favorite! I love this track, massive atmosphere!

    Claudio Masso
  9. Methinks Dionysus never had it so good – V1NZ serves up a far better indulgent tea party of aural yumminess. Brilliant release, simple as that.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  10. Love the Hypnotic Drive of this entire release.

    Bitch Shift
  11. Schematics is my style, this is pure minimal techno, just the way i like it in my sets!

    DJ Hi-Shock (Sydney, Australia)