01. Shuttle to Shuttle (Original Mix)
02. Shuttle to Shuttle (Flag75 Remix)
03. Cross of Memories (Original Mix)
04. Cross of Memories (DJ Warp Remix)



The title track Shuttle to Shuttle is a wide open rolling techno number with a deep pulsing bassline underpinning some impressive driving synth arpeggiations and a great filtered build up and breakdown..not quite “peak hour tech”, but definitely the build up to it.

Flag 75’s remix of the title track ups the anti into peak hour territory with a harder acid tech groove and some squelchier re-interpretations of the original track’s synth arrangements not to mention some interesting subliminal percussive moments. Harder, faster but still faithful to the original mix.

Cross of Memories (Original mix) is something a little different here again. A wonderful syncopated/jacking groove underpins some frenetic vocal scats and samples which counterpoint some strong synth pad and percussive arpeggios and textures. More in tune tempo wise with “Shuttle to Shuttle”, but while the basic feel is Goa influenced jacking techno, maybe the strong use of scats and vocal samples gives this track an angular glitchy feel as well with plenty to digest on repeat listens.

DJ Warp goes into the more funky techno territory with his Cross of Memories remix, lots of filtered stabs, driving rhythm and clean percussions.

reviewed by Enclave



7 Comments to “Masaru Uchida – Shuttle to Shuttle”

  1. i like -Shuttle to Shuttle Original mix- very hypnotic ;)

    good continue

    homme studio

    Homme Studio
  2. yawheh!? You know… like god? Ha… Ha…. uhh.

  3. Very dark and great pounding bass

    Orly Aycart (USA)
  4. “very tech and high energy” – 4/5

    Maurizio saez (USA)
  5. “there’s not much quality hard techno like this… this release is a techno monster! i love all tracks!” – 5/5

    Jim_Star (Canada)
  6. “Insane! Luv it.” – 3.5/5

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  7. Love the rolling groove of “Shuttle to Shuttle”(Original mix)here…nice and wide open….lovely!!!