01. Seepage (Original Mix)
02. Seepage (DJ Warp Remix)
03. Outloud (Original Mix)
04. Onside Regenerated (Original Mix)



To quote Polygon Prompt: “All sounds are grace notes of a bass drum.” This is quite evident in his work on this EP and the first track in particular.

Seepage is a bass fueled dragon; breathing wicked minimalistic percussive fire! The kick drum sits well with the sub enhanced bassline. This is accompanied by some really nasty crisp percussion to create an onslaught of stuttering frenetic poly-rhythms. The main synth patch really "seeps through" as things continue to build. Influences here? Detroit, Jeff Mills, and Surgeon are some definite possibilities.

DJ Warp's mix contains a nasty lead hook encapsulated in an arpeggio which darts in and out maintaining its presence throughout the track. Takashi fuses together some intricate Chicago-esque percussion patterns to pair with the modulated synth arp and a well defined bassline. This bass actually seems to be speaking out in a way.. After a nasty two minute divergence into some break-based kick/perc patterns; the melody continues to build and morph with some serious knob twisting. This cut is a great piece of classic techno which would work wonders as the sun rises in that festival sky!

Outloud is a brilliant slice of old school techno; commencing with some classic Detroit-esque synth stabs calling back to the NASA parties in New York City in the early nineties. What an ode to classic techno we have here. The 909OHH pattern fuses well with the melody, providing well defined shine in the upper harmonics. There is a great live feel provided by the hi hats/percs, and overall; a really great display of production skills involved!

Quite the bomb we have here on the final track, Onside Regenerated. Some serious pounding percussion that will be felt as much as heard when played out. This cut borrows elements from Acid Techno, Hard Techno, and Classic Techno; as well as a dollop of some trance rooted leads maybe even stemming from Happy Hardcore. A real floor stomper this one really would work well in the heart of a set to keep the night jumping. A brilliant effect charged interlude before the final drop; again; exhibits some real detailed programming and quality production.

This release as a whole is a big thumbs up, nod, and smile to that 90's based techno sound that kept dance floors moving for years.

- reviewed by v1nz



2 Comments to “Polygon Prompt – Seepage EP”

  1. Excellent stuff as always from one of my current fave Japanese artists!

    Andrez (Little Nobody)
  2. First, thanks to v1nz who wrote a review.
    DJ Warp’s Remix is GREAT. I love it!
    This EP is symbol of my pure techno-music. If you listen to my music, you come to love electric-bassdrum more!

    polygon prompt