01. Swamp (Original Mix)
02. Because (Original Mix)
03. Advances (Original Mix)



One of this years best releases has come out of the Swamp. The genetic material of Chris Liberator has mixed with some continentals possibly Christian Smith and Cari Lekebush with a dash of Luke Slater has blended in the swamps and out from the deep came Flag75 with a fresh approach to some classic techno sounds.

The first track Swamp combines some very analog sounding synths on top of a bubbly bass line and percussion line often found in acid tracks but puts some very nice sweepy sounds on top of this some intelligent yet fast bass lines. This track pumps and is going to make it too many dance floors.

Because continues the theme of Swamp, the style of bassline appears to be Flag75's signature sound. This time a little more driving and a bit more intense. The synth stabs are harsher and the hats and cymbals more out there. A sample and hold style synth dominates the top. Think of a chase scene in a sci fi movie and you may get there...

The package finishes with Advances, which is what this track does. This time building from the bubbly sounding bass line growing in intensity and bringing in more sounds... until before you know it ... You are listening to a full on Rave track, just when you have been teased enough Flag75 do what your subconscious has been waiting for they bring in that lovely wail of the 303.

- reviewed by Son of Zev



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  1. Drivin’ techno!Nice!!