01. Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Bas Mooy Remix)

02. Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Dave Tarrida Remix)

03. Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Andrez Bergen Remix)

04. Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Peder’s Mechanization)

05. Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Knobs ‘Kinshasa’ Remix)



‘Get Away From It All’ is a homage to the harder, dirtier, bassier tech realm, calculated to devastate peak hour dance floors. Supported by Trevor Rockcliffe, Orlando Voorn, Dustin Zahn, Audio Injection, Dasha Rush, DJ Wada, DJ Hi-Shock, Burden Brothers, Samuel L Session, Angel Alanis. Played on Kick106 & 3PBS FM.



23 Comments to “Little Nobody – Get Away From It All – Remixes”

  1. full package!

  2. The Andrez Bergen mix is filthy!

    Orlando Voorn
  3. Andrez Bergen mix is a nice and submerging tune, wicked when the kick drops in!

    Luke's Anger
  4. Bas’ remix is cool.

    Dustin Zahn
  5. Nice! Bass Mooy,Peder and Knobs remixes are the bests! really good job :)

    Dj Danko
  6. Storming release from the guys, all tracks are bombs!

    DJ Hi-Shock
  7. amazing package! bas, peter and knobs for us. full support on their tracks.

  8. i like Bas Mooy Remix!! really nice tracks!! great release!

    DJ Warp
  9. Magnificent remix package! Tremendous amount of force in Bas’,Peder’s & Knobs remixes.

    Mattias Fridell
  10. Good package! Wll play for sure Bas Mooy’s remix.

    Spark Taberner
  11. all remixes are great !!! i will play the PEDER-remix !!!!

  12. Bas Mooy rmx, Peders Mechanization rmx and Knobs Kinshasa
    rmx works perfect for me, thanks!

    daniela haverbeck
  13. Great mixes!

    Axel Karakasis
  14. Wow – nice to hear such variety in the remixes. Love Bas’s
    Bassy number and Peder’s Mechanization. Will definitely play Bas’ Peder’s and Knob’s.

    Daz Furey
  15. tarridas remix is nice, also knobs remix, gonna play these thanks!

    Audio Injection
  16. nice package. knobs remix is engaged with darkness i love.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  17. Nice release, all tracks are good but Knobs win!

  18. Bas mooy rmx is really trip but for my taste is perfect
    PEDER also knobs is a great rmx.

    Mark Morris
  19. Very nice release, will def. play the Bas Mooy, Knobs and
    Peder remixes!!

  20. Massive release – cheers

    Mas Teeveh
  21. Great release!! Like the Bas Mooy one most!

  22. Bas Mooy in full effect. Really love that mix.

    Sebastian Bayne
  23. Loving all the remixes – thanks, mates. Chuffed.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)