01. Monologue (Calavera Mix)
02. African Spirit (Original Mix)
03. Flight of the Phoenix (Original Mix)
04. Flight of the Phoenix (Nicky C Remix)



Flight of the Phoenix EP features 2 original tracks from Switzerland based producers Martial White and Carl Key plus one track by the former and a remix by Nicky C.

Groovy rhythmic patterns and subtle harmonies characterize their latest collaboration work. The bass line creates a solid ground above which ethereal sounds evolve telling a story and conveying a sense of motion, thus making this EP a must have in any DJ’s arsenal.

African Spirit has more of a tribal electro and ethnic feel, while Monologue is more tech-house oriented, with subtle vocal interventions.

The title track, Flight of the Phoenix takes you on a ride through an elaborate sonic landscape, simultaneously creating a very rhythmic and melodic atmosphere.

On the remix of Flight of the Phoenix, Nicky C delivers his trademark progressive-house style with elegant production and classy touches of melodic dream trance.



13 Comments to “Martial White & Carl Key – Flight of the Phoenix EP”

  1. Wow..i like the “flight of the phoenix (original mix)” very cool Track, w/ great Athmo and nice Mello.Top Track for me ;)

  2. i like nickys remix. good proggy vibe

    chloe harris
  3. like the Nicky C Remix

    Miss Nine
  4. Flight of the Phoenix for me

    Eelke Kleijn
  5. a real deep, atmospheric and evokative release. like it. fave track flight of the phoenix.

    orlando b
  6. Flight of the Phoenix (original mix) is for me! Nice atmosphere ! Loving it :)

    Claudio Masso
  7. All four tracks are nice! Great work! “African Spirit” is my fav!

    Tesla Da Vinci
  8. flight of the phoenix (original mix) all the way for me . awesome bass line , great melody . love it

    dave carden (kiss fm)
  9. All sounds juicy but I particular like Monologue & African Spirit. Great grooves!

  10. i can apreciate the Nicky C remix. nice one!

    orlando voorn
  11. Good EP, I love Nicky C remix !
    Brillant song ! Great Work

    Wally Stryk
  12. Hi guys!
    “Monologue” is my favorite track..
    Very nice!

    Axel G.
  13. Amazingly inspiring!!!! Trust it will be a huge success