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a) Electric Groove – DJ Warp remix
b) Electric Groove – Bitch Shift remix

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a) Electric Groove – DJ Hi-Shock remix
b) Electric Groove – Son of Zev remix



Proper Techno is what Elektrax Recordings commit themselves to and with this vinyl release of Electric Groove remixes, they deliver it in full force.

a1) DJ Warp’s Original was definitely a slammer of a track, but

DJ Warp has now outdone himself. Starting out like this is going to be a funky Berlinesque track Warp builds the groove and intensity to a London Acid party feel. This moves into a breakdown that has a stomach pounding kick, before the snares whip the track into a frenzy, which is definitely what this will do the crowd.

a2) Bitch Shift has somehow channelled Jeff Mills into his remix with careful re-arrangement of the percussion parts and oh the BASS. The top synths definitely give it a very classic feel, while the intensity of this track makes it relentless. This is not a fast rendition but the pace in itself adds to its strength. You simply can’t ignore this track.

b1) The DJ Hi-Shock remix is going to sit perfectly at the beginning of a peak hour set, one that no self respecting DJ would mix into, rather let the last DJ’s track run out and open with this sound system thumper. The reverb and space at the top of this track simply make room for the cracking bass kick and the 303 stabs, and that’s just the opening. The track somehow morphs with a chord sample becoming more intellectual without losing any of it’s raw power.

b2) Keeping with the theme, Son of Zev doesn’t let us down with another hard rendition of the original. Opening with a percussion build-up that works in a new bassline and some multiple layered snares and hats. Like DJ Warp, Son of Zev also breaks this down with a slamming breakbeat kick and from all the filtered percussion emerges a 303 that eventually envelopes the sound before throwing us back into the main section of the track.

One copy of this record is not going to be enough. Other than the fact these tracks will mix into each other fantastically, these tracks are addictive and you are likely to wear this record out from overplaying.

- reviewed by Wolfgang Klein



13 Comments to “Electric Groove Remixes (12″ Vinyl)”

  1. DJ Warp mix …nice

    Michael MD (Spraci, AUS)
  2. Super release guys!!! Really into the Hi-Shock and Bitch Shift remixes. Pumping edgy and just what the doctor ordered :) I’m hooked!!

    Roman Zawodny ( Mad Hatter -HRD)
  3. I must say I’m spolit for choice with this release all of the remixes are rocking pure dancefloor Techno

    Darkmode (UK)
  4. got the promo 12″, it’s wicked

    DAVE The Drummer (Hydraulix, UK)
  5. DJ WARP:..sick.. that flanged out lead hook really gives serves up some serious bite and brings great movement to the track. Lovely reverse cut effects make for nice transitions.

    BITCH SHIFT: Nice synth stabs from Detroit Blend well w/ the crispy WELL PROGRAMMED percz!

    HI_SHOCK: love the warehouse party synthy vox stab..
    definite display of proper techno!

    SON OF ZEV: Its always nice to hear a track that pushes the experimental boundaries with really interestingly programmed kick drum patternz. What an anologue feeling here. wow…

    V1NZ (Proper NYC, USA)
  6. my favourite is the bich shift remix, i like this old school techno sound

    Zair (Grenada, Spain)
  7. Love the resonant pad of Hi-Shocks remix here…couterpoints the industro throb nicely.Son of Zev’s breakdown is a killer too.”Elekwax”….awesome stuff guys…;)

    Enclave (Melbourne)
  8. Dj Hi-Shock makes always the best sound for me and this time too… Full support to his remix!

    Claudio Masso (Italy)
  9. my faves are…
    bitch shift remix – love it, real deep hypnotic groove to it.
    dj hi-shock – love the deep pads over the rolling techno groove, this is an excellent deep techno work out.

    Orlando.B (Eastbound Recordings, UK)
  10. well, and the winner is: the BOSS himself!(dj hi-shock),
    a clear groove line you can follow and get people straight dancing – no irritating breaks or groovechanging that makes ya loosing the path on the dancefloor – and also not overloaded by too many noizes! well done chef!

    Commander Tom (Noom, Germany)
  11. Love that sonar/submarine feel with the manic stabs and rhythms on DJ Hi-Shock remix, like when I caught Luke Slater playing at Global Village to about 5000 people over a decade ago, and it slayed the dancefloor. Killer remix!!!

    Andrez Bergen (IF? Records, Tokyo)
  12. DJ Hi-Shock remix is peak hour stuff, bangin’ and tough just the way i like it.

    Steve Stoll (Proper NYC, USA)
  13. damn that DJ Hi-Shock remix is bloody nutz!!! this is some real deal techno created here…awesome…

    V1NZ (Proper NYC, USA)