ABOUT Enclave

Hello. My name is Paul Derons. I have been producing electronica since late 1999 and been playing live as Enclave since late 2000.

I was born in 1972 into a house full of classical music, began playing guitar in 1986 (after being refused a drum kit some 10 years earlier).

I began recording my own punk and metal infused material with a hi-fi and a tr-505 in 1991, I played in and provided front of house mixing for a number of Melbourne bands in the mid to late 90’s and ditched the band scene to focus on my own productions along more electronic leanings at the turn of the millennium.

I play a mix of tough, cerebral, deep futuristic techno with at times a bootyish acidic swagger. I have been a repeat performer at many infamous Melbourne parties including More Bass, Factory(aka “aLive,bLive”) and Bughaus as well as the infamous ”Sticky Carpet” showcases at the now defunct Punters Club many years ago.
I use only hardware when I play live (no laptops here). My setup revolves around a “Spectralis” hybrid synth/sampler/groovebox…lovingly handmade with all ”class a” circuitry in Berlin Germany.

Since releasing my first “official” recording as Enclave in October 2008 (“Ironyism” Ep) through IF?Records I have remixed Little Nobody for IF?Records/Elektrax Recordings (“Depthcharge” remixes) released December 2008 and have also remixed Koda’s ”Indix” released on the Koda ”Indix” Ep thru IF?Records in March 2009.

Also currently available is yet another remix thru IF?Records of Errol Alkans ”Bosphorous Breathing” released on 30th April 2009.

I am proud to announce my debut recording for Elektrax Recordings will be released mid to late 2009…the ”Component” ep.

My influences range from Robert Babicz to Plump Dj’s to Stacey Pullen to Surgeon and on into more industrial spheres such as Ministry and Front Line Assembly.