ABOUT Enclave

Enclave (aka Paul Derons) is a Techno producer from Melbourne, Australia.

Specializing in deep, dark hypnotic cybernetic techno as well as some broken and progressive flavours aimed at the head and the dancefloor.

Coming from a rock and metal background in the 90’s and formally trained in sound engineering in that period he merged his love of production and drum machines around the turn of the millennium into what was originally a live hardware based pa scenario,

Enclave cut his teeth across a number of parties in Melbourne from 2004-2009 predominantly the More Bass and aLive/bLive live electronica showcases.When he plays live he now opts for the ubiquitous Laptop and controller setup as a more direct way to bring his complete production vision to the live arena.However Enclave still utilizes hardware and custom synthesis in a large part of his productions.

In 2008 he signed with IF?Records and since then has built a slow but steady and well respected production roster for IF alongside many Elektrax music imprints(Translucent/Gynoid and now Android Muziq) and Machine, Pinksilver and Gaintrax amongst others.

Acts remixed by include Dasha Rush, 88uW, Krenzlin, Dj Hi Shock/Advanced Human, Ground Loop, Monocraft, Craig McWhinney, Dead Agenda, Little Nobody and Sebastian Bayne amongst others.

The Journey continues.