01. Sev Dah – Saint of the Cave (Original Mix)

02. Sev Dah – Saint of the Cave (Markus Suckut SCKT Version)

03. Sev Dah – Saint of the Cave (Donor / Truss Remix)

04. Sev Dah – Saint of the Cave (Grovskopa Remix)



When Sev Dah took a look at the Techno landscape that surrounded him, he quickly realized that he did not belong anywhere near the surface. Taking refuge in a dark underground cave was the only place where he could comfortably be alone with his thoughts and concepts, it was his domain, he was the Saint of the Cave.

Reinterpreted brilliantly, funkily, intelligently, darkly and moodily by Markus Suckut, Donor / Truss and Grovskopa.



7 Comments to “Sev Dah – Saint of the Cave”

  1. Tom and Greg know how / 10+

    Mas Teeveh
  2. Really nice release. The original is super hypnotic!

    Philippe Petit
  3. Grovskopa’s mix IS THE ONE!!! Everyone will JUMP TO THE BEAT THE BEAT!!! GENIUS!!! Suckut mix will make a solid stand up AND DANCE!!!

  4. Amazing release! SCKT Remix is my fav. looking forward to play this

    Etapp Kyle
  5. yeah! SCKT and original for me!

    Jeroen Search
  6. Really good techno,like the Suckut remix -dark and massive ,but Grovskopa surprised me as well – he made a really interesting remix and i must admit its my favorite! Whole release is pure quality !

    Tony Silver (Ground Effect Records)
  7. solid package! all tracks are great!