01. Developer – Tiburon (Original Mix)

02. Developer – Shade (Original Mix)

03. Developer – Bodega (Original Mix)

04. Developer – Formu (Original Mix)



The landmark 10th vinyl release from Gynoid Audio marks a suitably innovative new design and a fresh concept for a label that constantly pushes new perimeters and reinvents itself in invigorating way - this time with a switch to deeper, moodier, atmospheric techno grooves, via an original 4-tracker from Developer.

Early support from Luke Slater, Pär Grindvik, Jonas Kopp, Marcel Fengler, Advanced Human, Mark Broom, Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki, Tommy Four Seven, Jeroen Search and many others.



30 Comments to “Developer – Tiburon”

  1. Bodega is a fucking bomb!! Full support!

    Michael Kruck
  2. this is Excellent, Developer cannot be wrong!!!

  3. bodega for me, heavy!

    Adam Beyer
  4. nice dark techno …. i will try out

    Antonio De angelis
  5. Tiburon is really nice!! LC.

    LISS C.
  6. Full support!

    Luke Slater
  7. Another wicked release by Developer! Love it!

    Bas Mooy
  8. feeling them all! looking forward to play it out. thanks!

    Pär Grindvik
  9. Great stuff, will play thanks.

  10. Killer techno tracks !!!

    Jonas Kopp
  11. Shade is Massive! Thanx ..

    Marcel Fengler
  12. All are great, but I cant go past Tiburon.

    Ground Loop
  13. Really liking shade and Formu !!

  14. Massive release from Developer again! the man is on a roll! Full support!

    Jeroen Search
  15. Bodega is dope, thanks.

    Tommy Four Seven
  16. tiburon and bodega are my picks.

  17. slammin release, full support!

    Audio Injection
  18. Thanks, will test Bodega.

    Speedy J
  19. Brilliant release! Love all the tracks and will play for sure.

    Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric
  20. Really like ‘Bodega’. Will play on radio and on gigs.

    Samuli Kemppi
  21. bodega sounds nice!

    Markus Suckut
  22. Great Ep.

  23. support on tiburon, strong deep groove!

    Len Faki
  24. will play ‘m all. developer fan here.

    Kr!z (Token)
  25. Tiburon for me, thanks.

    Marcel Dettmann
  26. Solid 4 tracker. Tiburon tips it for me!

    Mark Broom
  27. Bodega is my favourite here. Dark stomper. Also like the trippy Tiburon.

    Mijk van Dijk
  28. Great tracks, especially Bodega which is brilliant. Big!

    Mattias Fridell
  29. Dark, Deep, Pure Techno !

    Advanced Human
  30. all 4 tracks are proper bombs,but tiburon is amazing

    Demia E.Clash