01. Bas Mooy – Desolaat (Original Mix)

02. Bas Mooy – Desolaat (Xhin Remix)

03. Bas Mooy – Recoil (Original Mix)

04. Bas Mooy – Recoil (Radial Remix)



Bas Mooy, fresh off his releases on Mote Evolver and Perc Trax, shows his quality once more, this time with his new vinyl release on Gynoid Audio - 'Alphabet of the Fifth Hour' EP. This 4-tracker is kicked off by the artists original production 'Desolaat', a track rich with tension and depth, think big big rooms and sweaty warehouses, destined for the likes of Liebing et al. On 'Desolaat' remix duties is none other than Xhin, known for his recent releases on Token, CLR and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Xhin brings a more up front mix and quasi broken kick pattern lending its rhythm to the comings and goings of atmospheric stabs and dirty synths.

The flip side delivers us the original version of 'Recoil', again displaying Mooy's ability to blend atmosphere and IDM ideals with an innate sense of dance floor ethics. Rounding out the release is Radial's remix of 'Recoil'. Radial takes it to a funkier place through rolling bass lines and well placed hypnotic stabs but keeps it akin to the original through that ever present atmosphere.

Early support from Adam Beyer, Advanced Human, Agony Forces, AnD, Audio Injection, Ben Klock, Chris Liebing, Christian Wunsch, Developer, Dimi Angélis, Exium, Go Hiyama, Ground Loop, Inigo Kennedy, Joel Mull, Jonas Kopp, Kr!z, Lucy, Mattias Fridell, Monocraft, Oscar Mullero, Paul Boex, Perc, Pfirter, Raffaele Attanasio, Raiz, Samuli Kemppi, Slam, Svreca, Takashi Watanabe, Tommyfourseven.



26 Comments to “Bas Mooy – Alphabet of the Fifth Hour EP”

  1. Fat !

  2. Its all very good. Recoil original is my fave if I had to choose one. But its all VERY GOOD!

    Ground Loop
  3. Overall a great release… Enjoying a lot the original + Xhin remix of Desolaat. Also the b side Readial remix is nice…

  4. hard but grooving techno, really like the xhin remix!

  5. Dope!

  6. Recoil and both remixes are great, will play for sure.

    Agony Forces
  7. nice grooves thx

    Adam Beyer
  8. Cool tracks, will test thanks.

  9. support, impossible to choose a fav.

  10. Xhin mix for me. thnx!

    Dimi Angélis
  11. great work on the xhin remix, those stabs hit hard.

  12. Great stuff! Will play for sure. Nice remix work from both Xhin and Radial too!

    Inigo Kennedy
  13. very nice ep i will try xhin remix!

    Antonio de Angelis
  14. Radial remix! Thank you!

  15. Radial’s Recoil remix sounds very deep, and the original is a great piece. Nice one!

    El Bosco
  16. Recoil for me! Nice one Bas!

    Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection)
  17. amazing tunes, full support!

    Thomas Nordmann
  18. Nice release!

  19. Desolaat is tasty. Nice one.

    Samuli Kemppi
  20. Xhin remix for me, great.!

    Raffaele Attanasio
  21. I like both Recoil mixes. Thanks!

    Ben Klock
  22. Will definitely be remembered as one of the coolest releases 2012. Mark my words!

    Mattias Fridell
  23. Both mixes of Desolaat are cool, thanks.

  24. Like Desolaat original + Xhin Remix.

  25. wow….Radial….excellent. all tracks are my fav!!

    Go Hiyama
  26. One phat release, full support !

    Advanced Human