Pjotr G & Dubiosity appear on Gynoid Audio once again, this time, the Dutch duo goes all the way into the deep for their Attuned EP on a beautiful grey circle of wax. As if this wasn't enough, they invite man of the moment Truncate and Klockworks starproducer ROD to do a different take on their tracks. Magic insured!

The A-side instantly opens up with 'Truncate's Dark Dub' of 'Reckon'. It has all the elements we came to love from the LA-based producer, providing those 909 rimshots and chicago-styled claps for those ultimate jacking moments. Pjotr G & Dubiosity's original mix of Reckon is a minimilastic-Berghain-banger, carrying enough rawness and punch whilst still being really deep and hypnotic.

The B-side kicks off with the ROD remix of Attuned. Like Truncate, he delivers his signature sound, which already granted him those fine Klockworks releases. Using those trademark short percussion rhythms, and nifty little changes in progression, his stripped back remix of Attuned is the perfect track for every set. To close the EP, Pjotr G & Dubiosity's original 'Attuned' is a mesmerizing, eerie and atmospheric take on modern dark techno, accomodating a phat 'acidy'-bassline and dreamy, yet energetic sounds.



18 Comments to “Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Attuned EP”

  1. truncate mix for me . will play. thx

    Oscar Mulero
  2. Both versions of Reckon are great. Will play!

    Inigo Kennedy
  3. Will be using both remixes!

    Mark Broom
  4. Awesome release. Quality across the board.

    Ground Loop
  5. I like both versions of Reckon. Surprisingly deep remix from Truncate. Really good.

    Samuli Kemppi
  6. can’t go past the darkness of Reckon and moody vines of Attuned, will play those in all my sets !

    DJ Hi-Shock
  7. Truncate for me

    Black Hats
  8. ROD all the way !!!

    Advanced Human
  9. truncate delivers some hypnotic vibes

  10. Original of Reckon is my played fav. But all are solid of-course.

    Mattias Fridell
  11. Really good ep my favorite in Gynoid in the last year so
    far, Hard to pick one track as favorite because all of them have that I need to play it. Thanks for the music.

  12. downloading thx

    Chris Liebing
  13. Bother versions of Reckon are pretty sweet!

    Mary Velo
  14. Great energy on the Truncate Remix.

    Fanon Flowers
  15. Nice EP, I like Attuned and the Truncate remix of Reckon!

  16. Nice remixes, will play thanks.

  17. Truncate and Rod remixes for me.

  18. huge release! every track is hot. thanks