01. Kai Randy Michel – Sea of Nothingness
02. Thanatos & T2ICE – U&D 3
03. Kroman Celik – Two Deces
04. BCR Boys – Limbus
05. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow of the Mind (DJ Hi-Shock ‘Dark Dub’)
06. S-Tek & Mirko S – Biovoltaik
07. V1NZ – Chance
08. iFormat – 1350
09. Zair & David Mejias – Bastard Neighbors
10. Kyoudai Itsumo – Of The Heart



The 10th Planet is a 10 track compilation of damn fine, proper and pure Techno from the newly formed label 'Gynoid Audio'. A part of the ever impressive 'Elektrax' family.

Proceedings kick off with Kai Randy Michel, 'Sea of Nothingness', a dark hypnotic track with a punchy kick throbbing over Industrial tones. Track 2, Thanatos & T2ICE - 'U&D3' dirties things up a bit with gritty techno phunk.

Kroman Celik 'Two Deces' follows on with some nice futuristic funk set across a pumping bass before we are hit with BCR Boys 'Limbus', big, atmospheric, dark and funky...can you say 'Berghain'?

Track 5 brings us to the devastating combination of Virgil Enzinger and DJ Hi-Shock with Enzinger's 'Shadow of the Mind (DJ Hi-Shock's Dark Dub remix), a dark brooding warehouse stomper, big room sounds as you'd expect from one Mr Hi-Shock.

Track 6 sees the teaming of S-Tek and Mirko S with their track 'Biovaltaik', where pure Techno bass bounces along with a studdering kick, all set beneath some dark and brooding atmospherics. Following on is V1NZ with 'Chance', a slightly more chilled, sci-fi trip, with its 303 bass and galloping kick pattern, its always introspective, like good Techno should be.

Track 8 is '1350' by iFormat, a track that starts spacious and minimal, before being hit with a fuller wall of sound of throbbing bass, off beat hats, snares and synths.

Zair & David Mejias's 'Bastard Neighbours' blasts us into track 9 of the compilation here. A big room kick hammers along over industrial metallic atmos and a 'hi-q' bass...someone really doesn't like their neighbours!

The compilation is closed out with Kyoudai Itsumo, a project by Brad Lee and the Asagaoaudio crew. 'Of The Heart' is a pumping track filled with an off kilter kick pattern that throbs over the top of an in your face bass line and is complimented by industrial snares, hats and crashes. Prepare for the onslaught.

If you are into Minimal Techno, in a more traditional sense, with contemporary production techniques, great atmosphere, funk and mood, then you're into Techno, and this baby is for you.

- reviewed by Ben Mill (A&R, Gynoid Audio)

Gynoid Audio presents The 10th Planet – DJ Mix by Mirko S.

Gynoid Audio presents The 10th Planet – DJ Mix by Mirko S.



9 Comments to “VA – The 10th Planet”

  1. Brilliant cross-section, mates!

    Little Nobody
  2. Just love the pounding funk of track 2: Thanatos & T2ICE – U&D 3

    Bitch Shift
  3. i like & play 1-3-4-5-8
    dark tunes =)

  4. love the kai randy michel

    xavier morel
  5. Thumbs up! Phat V.A.

  6. dark and dirty… superb sonic quality, and extreme textures as a whole. This EP is off in outer space, soon to make a landing on dancefloors world wide!!!

  7. 2, 3, 6 and 10 are amazing tunes!

    Great VA compilation :)

  8. Quality Release

    Big up for the crew !!!

    Mirko S.
  9. oh gynoid crew, this is a really impressive various ep. thanks and many compliments to all!

    kroman celik