01. Logotech – Hydrogen (Original Mix)

02. Logotech – Hydrogen (Jason Fernandes Remix)

03. Logotech – Oxygen (Original Mix)

04. Logotech – Oxygen (Deh-Noizer FAT rework)



Logotech's debut release for Gynoid Audio does nothing short of bringing the thunder! Think 4 tracks of pulsing atmospheric peak time Techno. Two originals by the man himself and a remix each from Jason Fernandes and Deh-Noizer all with that dance floor goodness to keep the crowd rockin'. Already supported by Audio Injection, Mark Morris, A Paul and more!



9 Comments to “Logotech – Chemical Elements EP”

  1. Oxygen original and Deh-Noizer rework are superb! Not sure
    wich i will play yet, thanks for sending!

    Spark Taberner
  2. Loving the 1st track. Such a floor filler. To’s and fro’s

    Ben Mill
  3. Logotech, Jason Fernandes and Deh-Noizer are in one
    release, cant be wrong. Bring on the new generation. Great tracks as expected, will play them for sure, thanks

    Dr Hoffmann
  4. I’m diggin ‘Hydrogen’ original, will play this.

    Audio Injection
  5. Very great techno

    Luca Pagani
  6. Good EP. Fave track: Hydrogen (Original Mix)

  7. i love logotech sound, this is “my cup of tea”, hydrogen is a bomb

    Mark Morris
  8. On the whole, a Nice ep…Oxygen (Deh Noizer FAT Rework) is my fav mix

    Gayle San
  9. Big 4-tracker from Logotech and the boys, supporting all 4 tracks!

    DJ Hi-Shock