01. Ben Mill – Hour 25 (Original Mix)

02. Ben Mill – Hour 25 (Dasha Rush Remix)

03. Ben Mill – Hour 25 (Tex-Rec Remix)

04. Ben Mill – Hour 25 (Koda Remix)



Time is a constant. Time cannot be manipulated in any way, shape or form. Time is something many of us have wished there was more of.

Many have dreamed of a ‘25th Hour’ but few have questioned the consequences of such a thing. In order to experience a 25th hour, where would you have to be? What would you have to endure? What if you were there alone? What if there was no return?

Be careful what you wish for.



19 Comments to “Ben Mill – Hour 25”

  1. Great EP! Tex-Rec remix for me. Support!

  2. original is amazing

    Stefano Infusino
  3. Strong package again. Tex-rec remix blows me away, great
    peace of work. Like other tracks too.

    Dr Hoffmann
  4. Like all the remixes the most especially Koda’s mix very nice pads on this one. Tex rec and dasha’s mix will work well too for that dark warehouse vibe..

  5. Deep/Dark, perfect combination, good one Ben excellent!

    Petstovlab Recordings
  6. Loving the original – very much the “Ben Mill” I love – plus the Koda and Dasha Rush remixes knocked my li’l socks off. Excellent stuff!

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  7. Liking the pressure of the original.

    James Ruskin
  8. really good! original and remixes! will play!

    Audio Injection
  9. Thanks to the other artists and their super cool remixes.

    Ben Mill
  10. Original and Koda remix for me ! great release !!!!

    DJ Warp
  11. nice, like the tex-rec mix a lot. good stuff!

    dave the drummer
  12. Original: Nice.

  13. Original: v/good man, good sound

  14. Original: Nice atmosphere

    Justin Berkovi
  15. Nice ep, so deep.
    Like so much the original

    Dj Danko
  16. great one!! clean sounds and strong grooves..
    Tex-Rec rmx for me!!!

  17. full support!!!!i prefer dasha and original,deep,intense
    fantastic ep!!!!

    adriano giliberti
  18. very nice release! full support!!

  19. Deep and Nice Techno Minimal Release and its a pleasure for me to be a part of it!