01. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Dave Angel Remix)

02. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Advanced Human Remix)

03. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Justin Berkovi Remix)

04. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Luke’s Anger Remix)

05. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Ben Mill Remix)

06. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Little Nobody Renovation)

07. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)



One of the undoubted techno smash hits of 2010 was James Ruskin's remix of the Little Nobody track 'Metropolis How?' - being charted, played and supported over the past 12 months by people like Lucy, Tommy Four Seven, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, Perc, Luke Slater, Len Faki and Ben Sims.

Now comes this timely redux version, a sizzling, perfectly-timed follow up to Gynoid's debut 12-inch, just as the label enters the terrain of a deeper, more invigorating techno territory in 2011.

Up for the grand master challenge on this occasion are a team of contemporary movers-and-shakers, peerless producers who also happen to be themselves veterans of the scene just like James Ruskin - all of them storming sensibilities as you read these words.

The names need no introduction: Dave Angel, Justin Berkovi, Luke's Anger, DJ Hi-Shock, Ben Mill, Advanced Human, and Little Nobody himself.




9 Comments to “Little Nobody – Metropolis How – Redux”

  1. Nice package! My favs are the Advanced Human and Luke’s Anger mixes.

    Bas Mooy
  2. Really strong release with huge remixes, my favs are DJ Hi-Shock and Dave Angel remixes, big support from me!!

    Dr Hoffmann
  3. love the Hi-Shock & Little Nobody renovation mix!

  4. I like all remixes. Will play all

    Mattias Fridell
  5. whole release is interesting, will try some of those

    Markus Suckut
  6. great luke`s anger mix!

    Alex Bau
  7. Berkovi mix all the way for me……nice and dark but
    solid underneath.

    Vince Watson
  8. Really like Dave Angel and DJ Hi-Shock remixes. Will play both on radio and on gigs. Thanks!

    Samuli Kemppi
  9. Bloody brilliant – thank you, Si, and all you remixing cats!