01. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (Go Hiyama Remix #1)

02. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (Go Hiyama Remix #2)

03. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (Bas Mooy Remix)

04. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (The Blunted Boy Wonder Remix)

05. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (Advanced Human Remix)

06. DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (88UW Remix)



Over the past 15 years veteran Aussie techno man DJ Hi-Shock has constantly proved he's moving with the times - and often ahead of them.

Here he's picked a prescient, talented, respected and diverse cast of fellow practitioners to remix his landmark track 'Darkness Below'.

Japanese mover and shaker Go Hiyama (Stroboscopic Artefacts/Perc Trax) grants two diverse takes that push the metallic funk beneath the driving tech rhythms, while the Dutch wunderkind Bas Mooy (Planet Rhythm/Darknet) goes into deep, mesmerizing territory, The Blunted Boy Wonder (aka the legendary Steve Stoll) flanges and curls the beats in a relentlessly cool manner. DJ Hi-Shock then reinvents himself as Advanced Human with spaced out metallic dub, and Germany's 88uw (Synewave/Gynoid Audio) rounds off the release and goes for the jugular of a peak-time driving dancefloor.



1 Comment to “DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below – Remixes”

  1. Love the driving squelchy vibe of 88uw’s remix and Bas’ is nice, deep and dubby. Both got my vote!

    Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records