01. 88uw – No Rush (Original Mix)

02. 88uw – No Rush (Paul Boex’ Hypno Rework)

03. 88uw – Incorrigible (Original Mix)

04. 88uw – Virus (Original Mix)




15 Comments to “88uw – No Rush EP”

  1. Paul Boex rework is a killer, really enjoying that one and a true solid release one more time from 88uw!

    Claudio Masso
  2. Another top release from 88uw on Gynoid. Incorrigible (Original Mix) and No Rush (Paul Boex’ Hypno Rework) for my sets, support !

    Advanced Human
  3. Downloading, thanks

    Chris Liebing
  4. Paul Boex’ Hypno Rework got this (like I call it) “search-and-destroy-sequence”. Truely hypnotic and indisputable favorite here. I also dig the original of Rush for it’s throbbing groove.

    Mijk van Dijk
  5. Paul boex mix for me!!

  6. hard to pick a favourtie here! will work these nicely into my sets.

    Subfractal/Measure Divide
  7. cool EP – thanx

  8. Paul’s remix is ace! Been playing that for a while now. Works nicely.

    Samuli Kemppi
  9. Boex mix nice and dark.

    Vince Watson
  10. boex’ remix sounds ace! also feeling Virus.. will play!

    Jeroen Search
  11. Been playing Paul’s great remix for a bit now and it seems the rest of the EP is good as well!

    Mattias Fridell
  12. download for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin
  13. Great release! Both versions of No Rush are really nice!

    Inigo Kennedy
  14. will play Boex rework. thx

    Kr!z (Token)
  15. Wow, solid release. No Rush and Virus are the ones for me. It doesn’t get any darker than this. Nice work by Sebastian….again.