01. Patrick Gil – Tiger in the Alley (Original Mix)

02. Patrick Gil – Tiger in the Alley (Jeroen Search Remix)

03. Patrick Gil – Li Jet (Original Mix)

04. Patrick Gil – Li Jet (Jeroen Search Remix)




15 Comments to “Patrick Gil – Tigers and Jets EP”

  1. Been playing these four tracks out & in podcasts for around 6 months constantly now I think. Says it all.

    Mattias Fridell
  2. My pick is. Tiger in the Alley Jeroen Search mix.

    Joel Mull
  3. Thanks, will play Tiger in the Alley (Jeroen Search remix).

  4. Very solid all round.

    Ground Loop
  5. I like original Tiger In The Alley. good groove.

    Go Hiyama
  6. I’ve been playing Li Jet (Jeroen Search remix) for the past 6 months and its just GREAT.

  7. nice package, liking originals best but remixes are cool too!

    Jeroen Liebregts
  8. nice trax !! i love “Patrick Gil – Tiger in the Alley (Original Mix) “

    Takashi Watanabe
  9. Search RMXS!!

    Dimi Angélis
  10. Jeroen’s mix of Tiger in the Alley is the one I will play here.

    Dave Clarke
  11. Tiger in the Alley original and Jeroen´s remix are very solid, also the Jeroen´s remix of Li Jet will be played!

    Jonas Kopp
  12. Jeroen’s mix of Tiger In The Alley is the one here. Quality Millsian vibes, good stuff.

    Paul Mac
  13. Waiting for this one. Search remix for Tiger in the Alley is absolutely phenomenal!

  14. oh yes..! Tiger in the Alley J.Search remix!!!!

    Raffaele Attanasio
  15. Full support on all tracks, massive !!!

    Advanced Human