01. Advanced Human – Pure (Original Mix)

02. Advanced Human – Pure (Black Hats Remix)

03. Advanced Human – In The Mood for Dub (Original Mix)




22 Comments to “Advanced Human – Pure”

  1. Very nice! pure is golden!

  2. pure are with me!

    Len Faki
  3. always solid stuff from advanced human!! Thanks!

  4. Cool tracks :)

    Ground Loop
  5. Pretty cool ep… Pure and the remix my fav!

  6. Wow nice one! Both Pure original and Mood for Dub are really good!

    Audio Injection
  7. Pure original for me. I really like the track, thank you!

  8. downloaded for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin
  9. Amazing this stuff! will play soon!

    Stefano Infusino
  10. very nice ep i love the dub mix of in the mood very nice track i will try asap

    Antonio de Angelis
  11. Great tracks.

  12. really nice techno for the floor! the mood from black hats rmx ist awesome!

  13. Nice release! Advanced Human – Pure for me.

    Positive Merge
  14. Love this release, always solid stuff from AH, this time originals for me, sick work, thanks!

    Ricardo Garduno
  15. I’m in the mood for dub.

    Samuli Kemppi
  16. liking these tunes – thanx guys

  17. Pure has some simple yet effective structures, which I really like. The original is the one for me there. In the Mood For Dub is really kickass because of the ‘trainwrecky’ bassline… Really like that one, gonna play that one for sure. Good work, Si!

  18. “Pure” crunchy bassdrum, like it. i choose “in the mood for dub” as my favorite.

    Patrick Krieger
  19. Dig the original, thanks.

    Tommy Four Seven
  20. The Black Hats Remix is pretty trippy. Will play that one for sure.

    Inigo Kennedy
  21. nice deep sound !!! i love “Advanced Human – In The Mood for Dub (Original Mix)”

    Takashi Watanabe
  22. Some nice trickery on ‘Mood for Dub’, i smell an edit coming.

    Vince Watson