01. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (Original Mix)
02. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (Bas Mooy remix)
03. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (DJ Hi-Shock remix)
04. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (Go Hiyama remix)
05. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (DJ Hi-Shock Dark Dub)
06. Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind (Virgil’s Vinyl Edit)



Virgil Enzinger - Shadow of the Mind EP (12" vinyl) release on Gynoid Audio is a release of balance. On either side you have absolute gems that either tick the 'Big, crisp' production boxes and/or the 'Gritty, Funky' boxes. No matter what the occasion calls for, what a tool to have.

To be in the shadow of Virgil Enzinger's mind, from a production standpoint, is nothing to be ashamed of but these 3 remixes (to accompany the original) all step out of the shadows to share the limelight with Virgil equally. Balance.

Supported by: Terrence Fixmer, Sutter Cane, Ramon Tapia, Gayle San, Franco Bianco, Electric Indigo, Ascion, A.Paul, Dr Hoffmann, Luke Slater, Xavier Morel, Dave Tarrida & more!



29 Comments to “Virgil Enzinger – Shadow Of The Mind EP”

  1. Shadow Of The Mind (DJ Hi-Shock remix) 5/5! good stuff!

    Oleg Mass
  2. Another Great Release from this label! Favorite mix
    Virgil’s Vinyl Edit followed by Dj Hi-Shock’s mix!

    Sam Paganini
  3. Great release! :)

    Jason Fernandes
  4. I really like this release all, tracks are really interesting! My fav is the original one. Full support!

  5. Really like the atmospheer of dj hi-shock’s remix, will play for sure.

    Terrence Fixmer (electric deluxe)
  6. Great release! Original by Virgil is amazing as always ;-)
    Also love Bas’ and Hi-Shock’s remixes. Good work! Full support!

    Sutter Cane
  7. will use various tracks for sure, hard to pic a favourite

    glenn Wilson
  8. I played DJ Hi-Shock’s remix & Virgil´s vinyl edit at Nature One festival really kicked off!!

    Gayle San
  9. bas mooy and hi shock do it best here

    Ramon Tapia
  10. great ep. i’ll bring all of them to my next shows. 100% floor killer tunes :)

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  11. Go Hiyama is HUUUUGE!!!!

    Franco Bianco
  12. support! fave track is Bas Mooy rmx

  13. virgils vinyl edit is very cool!

    Electric Indigo
  14. Great EP! Fav mix: Virgil’s Vinyl Edit (4/5)

    Spark Taberner
  15. Great tunes

    love Go hiyama stuff ;))

  16. Great release !!!
    But my personal fav is the Go Hiyama rework big up guys !!!

    Mirko S.
  17. Artists I always support ! Fav mix: DJ Hi-Shock remix (4/5)

  18. Great release, Actually i like all versions incl the
    original one, will play them for sure. So hard to chose the favorite, but i d say the Bass Mooy remix

    Dr Hoffmann (Blind Spot)
  19. Amazing release!!!!! Will review and play…

    Mark EG (Mag Tilllate / Core Magazine)
  20. 4 top tracks! like Virgil’s original the most

  21. proper techno. bas mooy remix works for me.

    Haito (Boxer, Tresor)
  22. awesome stuff – that´s the way I like it, that´s techno! Really don´t have a favorite, fantastic original and great remixes!

    Blood and Tears (Lordag)
  23. solid peaktime tecfhno tools!

    Matthias Springer
  24. True techno here. Full support on Hi-Shock and Go Hiyama.

    Half Stereo
  25. DJ Hi-Shock remix, thanks!

    Maxime Dangles
  26. DJ Hi-Shock and Go’s do the trick for me!

    Luke Slater
  27. brilliant release! nice rmxs too!!!!!!

    Xavier Morel
  28. good package. the original is the standout for me!

    Dave Tarrida
  29. Very nice stuff…LOVE THIS EP !!!!!

    So dark and intense !! the whole release is great !