01. Ground Loop – Ampersand (i) [Lucy Remix]

02. Ground Loop – Ampersand (i) [Samuli Kemppi Remix]

03. Ground Loop – Ampersand (i) [Advanced Human Remix]

04. Ground Loop – Ampersand (i) [Original Mix]

05. Ground Loop – Ampersand (You) [Advanced Human Dub]

06. Ground Loop – Ampersand (You) [Original Mix]



Ground Loop's 'Ampersand (i)' is a release exploring contemporary Techno by some of Techno's best contemporaries.

The original fuses 'old school' ideals with modern production techniques to create a floor friendly, groove oriented track that manages to maintain a sense of purpose and emotion.

On remix duties are Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) who produces a seminal remix taking on the atmospherics of the original and building upon that to create a space and tension we have all come to know and love of his productions. Samuli Kemppi (Ostgut Ton, Mote-Evolver) who delivers a deep slice of dubby Detroit influenced funk, perfect for that 'back room set' and once again ignites the sound of that 'Transatlantic' relationship. The final remix comes from Advanced Human (aka. DJ Hi-Shock), who instead focuses on the energy and emotion of the original and twists it into peak time material.


Already spun and fully supported by Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Donor/Truss, Damon Wild, Tommy Four Seven, Audio Injection, Markus Suckut, Chris Finke, Go Hiyama or Raíz to name a few.



28 Comments to “Ground Loop – Ampersand EP”

  1. Really nice and compact EP! The Lucy Remix is for me! Nice job guys!

    Sev Dah
  2. Good stuff! Really nice package!

    Bas Mooy
  3. Kemppi and Advanced Human Remix for sure. All mixes are really good!

    Sebastian Bayne
  4. Kemppi mix all the way….thx

    Vince Watson
  5. I like Advanced Human Remix and Lucy Remix!

  6. Samuli Kemppi Mix for me but a nice package of mixes all round on this one.

    Paul Mac
  7. Liking the Advanced Human mixes. Esp. the Dub version.

  8. loving it all around!

  9. advanced human and lucy rmx for my sets^^full support 5\5

  10. Super nice release. Will play this for a long time! Best so far on Gynoid

    Mattias Fridell
  11. the ORIGINAL is AWESOME !!! love it !!!

  12. really Deep. will defently fit in my Mixes. Really nice.

  13. will play the Advanced Human version.

  14. Advanced Human remix and original!

    James Ruskin
  15. Samuli’s remix is dope! Also love Lucy’s remix and original.

  16. Great stuff! Well rounded EP with tracks for all hours of the night. Nice work Ground Loop and crew.

  17. wicked tracks..All with some direction, love it! Full support.

    Damon Wild
  18. Really love Lucy and Samuli’s mix!

    Tommy Four Seven
  19. awesome tracks, all of them, full support!

    Audio Injection
  20. super fat remix from samuli kemppi… full support!

    Markus Suckut
  21. The original mix for me, nice remixes but that just does it. Will definitely support!

    Chris Finke
  22. Original is cool for me. I’ll play next gig in Tokyo.

    Go Hiyama
  23. nice release, support!

    Luke Slater
  24. Love the spaced-out wash ‘n’ clinks of the Lucy remix, and the darker tinkerings of Advanced Human and the older skool Detroit inflection of Sumuli Kemppi’s mix.

    Andrez Bergen / Little Nobody
  25. Great package here, diggin all the mixes especially the Lucy, Kempii, and the Advanced Human beatdown! hard to pick a fav on this one, will definitely be dropping these in our sets!

  26. Advanced Human remix is the best for my sets! another interessting release on this label! thumbs up! :)

    Tony Silver
  27. effin awesome

  28. KILLER

    Ben Mill