ABOUT Hellboy

Motto: Give out your best right now. Let the Music speak and shine, not yourself. Music has always defend with itself. Passionately dedicated to the Music. Focused on Techno and Hard Techno which flows in his blood. He is making his identity known as a DJ, music maker and an organizer of events. Based in Cracow, PolandStyle of mixing: It’s a perfect combination of 2 tracks need to be complementing each other in a perfect balance. Hard-hitting, strong bassline involved. It’s a hypnotic ride that moves you into the unknown nooks and crannies of you so far. Between the darkness and the light. There is no excuses. Makes you feel as hard as nails.

Music journey: 2000 summer, Love Parade Berlin, the musical madness, the crowd, thousands of hearts beating in the same rhythm. So, that day his purpose become clearness. He wanted to give back to the audience all those brilliant emotions he felt being there. Before long he has started to play vinyls, which stayed with him over 10 years. His passion and admirable skills has earned him huge respect from the biggest artists worldwide, who willingly agreed to be an illegal part of events, according to his own idea called Electronic Festival which took their place in the best recommended places based on Cracow and Katowice.

The positive reaction of the audience he has received, surpassed his wildest expectations. Yes, the story has had its beginning. An impressive number of artists who have involved for the next 5 years of Electronic Festival so far include: DJ Rush, Felix Krocher , Eric Sneo, Brian Sanhaji, Pet Duo , Marco Remus, Klaudia Gawlas, Torsten Kanzler , J.Fernandes, Sven Wittekind, Frank Kvitta, David Moleon , Frank Sonic, Boris S, Robert Natus, Viper XXL, O.B.I. , Arkus P. , Sutura, Fatima Haji, Fernanda Martins, Davidchristoph , DJ Lukas, Daniela Haverbeck, Julyukie, Candy Cox,Irreagular Synth , Keith Carnal and more…