The original mix of ‘Cocaine Speaking’ was described by DJ Mag as the single most infectious groove to land in their lap – and it just got far, far more catchy.

Cue the brand new “Mijk van Dijk’s Say No To Drug Hysteria-Remix” from Berlin’s Mijk van Dijk, one of the most famous German producers since the 1990s, the mastermind behind Marmion’s ‘Schoeneberg’ and Microglobe’s ‘High On Hope’, and the man who’s continued to create premeditated dancefloor mayhem on essential labels like International Deejay Gigolo, Superstition, MFS and Blue Fin.

Van Dijk’s sizzling mix is a slower tempo, electro/tech-house reconsideration, with shades of an ’80s melodic bent.!

Add to this a deep, superlatively funky, chunky techno remix of the same track, by veteran Aussie DJ/producer/label manager, DJ Hi-Shock, that’s very much on the house tip, just as innovative, and proves that the infection here may indeed be fatal!

Styles: Tech-House, Techno, House.




10 Comments to “Cocaine Speaking – Mijk van Dijk Remix”

  1. awesome tune love mijk van dijk’s mix cool melodies:-)

  2. Strong baseline, dark sound and good solid track, Mijk van Dijk mix will work well in my sets. Thanks

    DJ Monik
  3. Mijk Van Dijk Remix…cool for the club. The bass line hits you like a ton of bricks!!!!!

    Roman Zawodny
  4. nice track, good groove…Hi-Shock remix is my pick!

    Ben Coda
  5. I do like the DJ Hi-Shock Remix, wicked !! I’m playing some different style sets at the moment so should fit right in nicely…

    Jamie Bissmire
  6. Love the basslines from the track, this tops all the others that i have heard to date. Massive remix. DJ Hi-Shock killer tribal beat.

    Dirty [M]
  7. Cool track, will immediately play on the weekend….

    Martin Landsky
  8. old school new school vibes, very cool release

    Nick Warren
  9. What a remix. The bomb! Super super super!

  10. Dj Hi-Shock delivers the goods again with a stunning moody club mix. Great for peak time! Mijk Van Dijk can do no wrong – one of the finest producers in the business shows why hes a master with this funky / sexy remix. Top marks for the entire release!

    Claude Young