A little inspired, but perhaps more scarred, by the recurring memory of Madonna and the “Vogue” phenomenon that gripped mainstream radio and MTV in the late ’80s, Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody) set out to deconstruct the myth, collect the pieces together, add some gin, vodka and Lillet blanc together in a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice, and created “Poiseworks”: poseur techno that owes just as much to mid-’90s Dave Clarke, Tresor and Bush Records, as it does kitsch Japanese girlie pop music and Guy Ritchie’s ex.

Think insanely catchy, minimal, rhythmic, funky, highly-mannered tech-house to kick-start the booty sway at any blase dance floor moment; it rocks in its simplicity. And hard.

So it was always easy for us to choose the best person on the planet to remix the track – a man who also happens to be one of Andrez’s favorite DJs in Tokyo (where he also lives), and is exploding on the global scene right now.

Japanese DJ/producer Shin Nishimura, of Plus Tokyo fame, is often mentioned in the same reverent sentence as Ken Ishii and Takkyu Ishino, and was just picked up for release through Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label in 2009.

We absolutely love his remix – it’s nice and dark, grubby, and will be huge; he certainly loves his 808! Think a sprinkling of Dave Clarke (once again) 15 years ago, mixed into a wild, bustling, crossfader duel between Jeff Mills, DJ Sneak and Dubfire.

“This is Techno,” Shin said, quite simply, when asked to describe the mix. Amen to that.

Styles: Techno, Minimal, Tech-House.




9 Comments to “Little Nobody – Poiseworks (Shin Nishimura Remix)”

  1. Yep, super-cool mixes all round.

    Pete PSAF
  2. Shin Nishimura did a heavy weight remix, very hard and mind blowing. The Orginal is a fun track.

  3. This is nasty stuff, I like that Nishimura remix, really dirty!

    Kev Obrien
  4. The remix is excellent! Twisted and intelligent at the same time.

    Jim Geovedi
  5. Shin Nishimura remix is fantastic works!!! Love it!!!!!

  6. The funky music that a synthesizer riff resounds!

  7. max support for shin! good tracks, plays sure this week to velvet club from naples!

  8. i ve been listening to it 3-4 times now and all i can say ….. wow – nomen est omen !!!! that track so belongs to a label called hypnotic-room ….its a pure hypnotic brain twirl …. very trippy , very mindblowing and straight into my set!

    Commander Tom
  9. Nice driving rhythm track oriented stuff. It would work tight anywhere in your set. Keep it up!

    Ken Ishii