Way back in 1995, the two brothers Oral – Cem and Can – got together under the alias of Cube 40 and released a black-label record called ‘Bad Computa’. It ended up that year in the record crate of Melbourne DJ Andrez Bergen, and has never left over the 14 years since.

Cem Oral also moonlights as Jammin’ Unit, and his brand new remix of ‘Robota’ is a lifetime away from the grit/funk/electro of ‘Bad Computa’, but bears all the hallmarks of classic Jammin’ Unit tracks; it has a sensational break down and cool effect on the vocals provided by Toshiyuki Yasuda, while that screamin’ synth/guitar sound is quite simply awesome, reminiscent of Oral’s other work as Ultrahigh on German label Force Inc.

On the flipside, hear where all the fuss started – the original and previously unreleased instrumental mix of ‘Robota’, produced by Bergen at the end of 2008.

It was this future tech/breaks version of the track that inspired Japanese producer Toshiyuki Yasuda (one of Si Begg’s favorite musicians, and who just finished working with Señor Coconut, aka Atom Heart) to request to do the gorgeous, robot-style vocoder vocals that appeared in the final arrangement, and which Jammin’ Unit employs in his brilliant mix.

Styles: Techno, Minimal, Electronica.




8 Comments to “Little Nobody, feat. Robo*Brazileira – Robota (Jammin’ Unit Remix)”

  1. Mental mental mental!

    Pete PSAF
  2. Hugely cool. Both mixes are so different.

    Nina P
  3. Original mix is beautiful sound!!

    DJ Ichitomi
  4. Robota Jammin Unit Remix is a very cool electro tune w/nice samples..will support

  5. great release! i love the industrial sounds on the original mix!

  6. Solid drum beats, massive tune

    Dirty [M]
  7. Jammin Unit remix is fabulous, with cool voices and an electrifying guitar

  8. mental breaks!

    Chloe Harris