English producer Darkmode gets able assistance here from north of the border, in the form of experienced undeground wonky techno icon Dave Tarrida (Sativae/Tresor), in the latest blistering addition to the Hypnotic Room Special Edition series!

Tarrida’s remix is a superb experience in itself: think jittery, click-funk electronica, the heavy beats rhythmic, yet occasionally (quite subversively) off-kilter; at other times a dark and menacing cinematic wash takes precedence as the techno does a tidal recede – then jumps back into the equation with a vengeance and a flicker of wonkiness.

Darkmode’s original mix gives insight into the origins of this dusky musical theme; his mix goes less bass-heavy, and opts instead for stabs of acid and metallic-sound
instrumentation. It’s lighter tech and more electro in nature, with some sensational persussive sweeps; at moments there are shades here of Zen Paradox, or even more so of the Sonic Voyagers when they played live.

Both tracks are stunning in their own right. Together, they’re… well… twice as stunning?




11 Comments to “Darkmode – Cybernetic Organism (Dave Tarrida Remix)”

  1. Yep, I’d have to agree that the Dave Tarrida remix is the stand-out for me, but I’m a huge fan of the man from way back. He certainly doesn’t let me down here… Tarridaism at its best.

  2. This is what i’ll call electro-tech! Support to both tracks.

    DJ Hi-Shock
  3. a perfect remix for a perfect track

  4. I love what Dave Tarrida has done with my track it has a nice funky vibe to it

  5. Another great electro tune from Darkmode and this time with MR Dave Tarrida as a remixer? Excellent! Will find it’s place at Teknology Radio Show.

    Dimitri Pike
  6. So hard to choose..having said that i am more drawn to the sludgy groove of the Tarrida remix. The chromatically descending riff allows for so much great percussive and melodic counterpoint on the original mix as well. A1 production too.

  7. Wicked remix and original too. Darkmode on the money as usual!!

    Chris Finke
  8. dave tarrida mix is massive

    justin robertson
  9. That is one phat remix!, love it!

  10. Dave Tarrida rocks. Simple.

    Pete PSAF
  11. oh my lordy… it’s a cyberman!!

    Nina P