The Special Edition series of Hypnotic Room are proud to present the legendary Woody McBride, the man behind 4D (Labworks), DJ ESP (Drop Bass Network) and his label Communique Records.

In his remix of Northern Lights, Woody delivers an unforgettable experience of intense acid that is guaranteed to hallucinate any mind. The machinery is spinning round and round, the deep, minimalistic grooves are full of funk and the cool, trippy acid sounds are tweaked to perfection!

The Original Mix was produced in early 2008 and was remastered at the start of 2009. It has a hard techno vibe with some elements of hard house, influenced by the likes of Robert Armani, Jeff Mills and Sven Vath. It (along with a few other tracks) was produced for the appreciation of someone very special to e383 – his soulmate ‘Dirty Techno’ Debs.

Only recently was the track named Northern Lights as e383 had it playing on his walkman, while watching the sky turning purple, green and red in the highlands of his home in Scotland – without the aid of psilocybin mushrooms.




9 Comments to “e383 – Northern Lights (Woody McBride Remix)”

  1. original mix for me, a bit more compatible with my brain, jolly good release!

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  2. Man, what a killer release – both the original by the ever-cool E383, and the superb McBride remix. Brilliant!

    Little Nobody
  3. This release is rocking the original & the remix are amazing they have a 90’s Old Skool Techno vibe to them

  4. nice classic acid vibe with clean production

    Michael MD
  5. very nice both of them.

    wyndell long
  6. Both tracks are slammin! E383 is a name to look out for in 09.

    Hologram Hookers
  7. The Woody McBride Mix is killer! Another fantastic release.

    Claude Young
  8. Really dig the funk and drive of the mcbride remix, but a great overall release.

    Bitch Shift
  9. I love what Woody has done with my track!, very trippy! :)