01. Faith In G Minor (Justin Robertson Remix)
02. Faith In G Minor (Original Mix)



We all here think Ben Mill could easily be the next big thing to come out of Australia, and we're not saying that lightly - in terms of the depth of competition in this country. Mill's been walloping us with some techno and tech-house gems (as Bitch Shift) for months, and now he turns around and raises the bar another hefty notch with the glorious slice of hands-in-the-air bliss and dawn revelry that is 'Faith in G Minor'.

And since Ben is such a talented youngster, we decided to ask one of the world's most experienced and respected remixers to have a go at another take on the track.

Justin Robertson, who's previous remixed Bjork, Happy Mondays, Fatboy Slim, Luke Slater, and Felix Da Housecat, snapped up the challenge, and the resultant mix here stunned all of us.

If 808s and 909s were never invented, that soulful early Detroit techno sound we all know and cherish would have sounded like this.

Dramatic, uplifting and downright funky, the Justin Robertson remix captures the essence of the original and pushes it that smidgeon further, with its organic drums, melodic synth-lines, and a bass that both Derrick May and Giorgio Moroder would surely be proud to call their own.

Gorgeous, by any other definition.



20 Comments to “Ben Mill – Faith In G Minor (Justin Robertson Remix)”

  1. the original track is very very good !! Great work !

    And one remix for the famous Dj Justin Robertson… respect !

    Wally Stryk
  2. Both of these tracks play perfect counterpoint to each other…both referential and contrasting….superb release…the percussives of the original just gets my no 1 vote though.

  3. not what i play but a really good mix

    Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)
  4. “Justin robertson mix is big and weird with a ton of bass, can’t wait to play it out!” – 4/5

    Kris B (USA)
  5. “original is very particular, perfect for an early session. will play”

    KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
  6. excellent love both mixes :)

    Dingle (Northern Ireland)
  7. “Really like the techy vibe of the original…nice track!” – 4/5

    Ben Coda (UK)
  8. #2 is more my cup of tea

    Wyndell Long
  9. “love the original! ” – 4/5

    SAMSARA (Global Frequencies, USA)
  10. love the more layed back feeling in the original mix. good track

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  11. “Justin Robertson has given the track lots of energy” – 4/5

    Peter McGill (N. Ireland)
  12. The Original Mix is some good house music with all the cool percussions that go along with it.

    Haroun Omar (USA)
  13. “EXCELLENT. A whole lot of substance here, these are both great tracks with amazing vibes. Full Stranjj support!” – 4.5/5

    Kev Obrien (USA)
  14. “Excellent.” – 4/5

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  15. original mix sounds good

    miss nine (holland)
  16. original: really love the chords, melodies and the tribal grooves, deep and refreshing!

    remix: this is a real fat work out! luvin the b-line and retro feel, sounds totally different!

    orlando b (uk)
  17. Good Solid Release. Justin Robertson Remix is my Favorite!

    Claude Young
  18. very cool bassline and beat structure, unfortunately do not like the trancy highpitched break…

    orlando voorn
  19. The Robertson remix is my new fave track!

    Bitch Shift
  20. The original is a fantastic piece of work, and so Justin Robertson’s remix is a coup in itself: I was not expecting this – gorgeous stylings reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder/Midnight Express. It took me a moment to adjust here, but now I have, and I think it’s safe to say I love it! One of the mixes of the year.