01. Blah Blah (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)
02. Blah Blah (Original Mix)



In 1995, Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody) had a radio show on 3PBS FM in Melbourne called Cyberdada, and that year the most-played record - amidst awesome 12-inches from Relief, Axis, Tresor, Trope, and Force Inc - was actually a double-CD from Austrian label, Cheap.

It was called "90 Minutes in the Eyes of iO", and produced by label bosses Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan, with friends.

Bergen says that release floored him, and Pulsinger has continued on as a mainstay infuence in Little Nobody's musical reference pallette ever since, via the Austrian producer's own output (on labels like Disko B, Compost, Studio !K7, R&S, and International DJ Gigolo), as well as some of his brilliant remixes of people like DJ Hell, Chicks On Speed, Tosca, Tanzmusik and Ken Ishii.

Which brings us up-to-scratch, and Bergen's latest foray into his Funk Gadget persona. In a recent review, Fun In The Murky scribe Trevor Wilkes described 'Blah Blah' as "Broken, bass-heavy beats and a wobbly synth; this one was felt 2 floors away when I first fired 'er up."

So, when it came to choosing a remixer for the track, Pulsinger's name was at the very top of the list - and now we all know why. His mix is all wonderful bleeps, mesmerizing glitches, and chunky, sci-fi electro-tech grooves.

In fact, after hearing this baby, we can't imagine anyone talented or intuitive enough to tackle the eclectic coolness of 'Blah Blah' with such versatile ease.



25 Comments to “Funk Gadget – Blah Blah (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)”

  1. I’m digging both of these and will definitely play both.

  2. Great quality remix by Pulsinger!

    Ken Ishii (Japan)
  3. love the remix

    dave tarrida (sativae)
  4. Very P.P. or docmatic sequencer style. Nice.

    Khan Oral (Biz OD)
  5. Sounds very cool.

    Thomas Jaldemark (Donk Boys)
  6. the remix is sick! I love the funky b-line and all the twisted analogue and metallic soundz. the original made my face hurt but in a good way…totally twisted freaky techno. excellent release.

    Orlando.B (Eastbound Recordings, UK)
  7. looking forward to play this track on this weekend!

    Ko Kimura (Futic, Japan)
  8. Patrick Pulsinger mix is very funky, nice! Original mix, I know this one already…awesome electro.

    Michael MD (Spraci, Sydney)
  9. Patrick Pulsinger remix is really groovy, I will play it.

    DICH (Android Muziq, Uruguay)
  10. Patrick Pulsinger remix! The bleep sound is very good.

    SERi (Elektrax Recordings, Japan)
  11. Thanks to all for these way cool responses – personally I love Patrick’s remix, and hat’s off to Mr. Birken (below) for one of the way cool sounds in the original track… ;)

    Andrez Bergen
  12. Changing batteries in my Funk Gadget short circuited 88% of the neurons keeping reality in check. I smiled, approved, and then went back to building the summer deck. When the side car on that motorcycle went careening over the lane, then Patty P’s rework squeezed the lemon juice from my brain. Both were renditions that exist to excite..playing both repeatedly night after night. Yeah x 27 = 3 thumbs up!

    Paul Birken (Tonewrecker Recordings)
  13. I always liked the original but the Pulsinger Remix is definitely TOP CLASS!!!!! Elektrax just keeps getting better and better with each release!

    Claude Young (CYNET:MEDIA)

    Frank Mueller (mueller, cocoon, soma)
  15. Big Phat bassline!! woah!

    Hologram Hookers (Afro Acid Digital)
  16. yes patrick still rules! always was a fan of his work
    here he comes with a nice funky remix of a pretty “brokenbeat” release! good work —-> straight into my set!

    commander tom (germany)
  17. both are nice tracks!

    DJ WADA (Sublime, Japan)
  18. Nice job on the remix! Funky jack.

    wyndell long (no sleep music, chicago)
  19. The Patrick Pulsinger remix is a gnarly little tech-house thumper, so that will def. be getting an airing, believe you me.

    DJ Steve Found
  20. Funk Gadget stuff is fantastic, I’m really liking the Patrick Pulsinger remix.

  21. Both mixes are off the wall and compliment each other – nice work!

    DJ Jacob Smith
  22. Patrick’s track is really cool !!!!!!!!!

  23. Love the Pulsinger remix.

    Craig McWhinney
  24. Patrick Pulsinger mix is rock solid. Funk Gadget mix is cool too, sounds like some of the early Force Inc releases.

    DJ Hi-Shock
  25. Loving this one!

    Pete PSAF