01. Get Away From It All (Justin Robertson Remix)
02. Get Away From It All (2009 Mix)



“It promises an escape that sounds anything but idyllic, as terse robot voices intone the title phrase over stuttering, minimalist break beats… a leftfield electronic delight that’s well worth getting hold of.”

Thus assessed journalist Chris Downton in a glowing review that appeared last year in the pages of esteemed music mag, 3D World.

The subject? Little Nobody’s iconic (and often equally iconoclastic) track, ‘Get Away From It All’.

A year later, we asked Justin Robertson to remix the work, counting on his experience rebooting Bjork, Happy Mondays, Fatboy Slim, Luke Slater, Ben Mill and Felix Da Housecat, and thinking that the mix-master would have an absolute field day here – which he apparently did, snapping up the invitation without hesitation, giving the ingredients a good hard shake, and coming back with a mind-bending, cool, supremely innovative concoction that stunned everybody.

We also inducted Andrez Bergen, the musician behind the Little Nobody project, as well as Funk Gadget and Schlock Tactile, to do his own revision. Think a hugely subbed-up bassline and a kick, when it arrives, that’d bend the senses of any unsuspecting recipient, intercut with fragments of the instrumentation and vocals from the original track, and you have a shattering experience that’s quite simply inspired.



14 Comments to “Little Nobody – Get Away From It All (Justin Robertson Remix)”

  1. Deep and dark techno in original mix. Whow!!

    Satoshi Matsumoto (DJ Inkling)
  2. That Justin Robertson remix is very nice.

    Steve Law (Zen Paradox)
  3. Solid track!

    Captain Funk
  4. Love the bassline in this! Great stuff.

  5. Really cool sound, this is the sort of tune that would make my night if dropped the right way in a set. Really playful vibes to rock the f**k out to :)

    Bill Hunter (BeatGeek Records)
  6. Original has great fat sound. I like it!

    DJ Warp (Japan)
  7. Nice and submerging tune, wicked when the kick drops in!

    Luke's Anger
  8. I like the original, and the JR remix rocks also.

    Dave Tarrida
  9. The Original mix is filthy!

    Orlando Voorn
  10. The remix is a wonderful heavy piece of work and I like Robertson rework because so different and so refreshing.

    Yusuke Abe (TTAK)
  11. Robertson’s production is 1st class here and the 2009 version of the original is just filthy!

    Bitch Shift
  12. Really like ‘Get Away From It All’.

    Justin Robertson
  13. Wow, this is nice! I love what Justin did to the original track.

    DJ Hi-Shock
  14. Killer mixes.

    Pete PSAF