01. Nom de Dieu (Dave Tarrida Remix)
02. Nom de Dieu (Original Mix)



Fresh out from Antwerp, Belgium, comes this cracking slice of electronic techno goodness from Homme Studio, with the brain-melting number, 'Nom de Dieu'.

First up the remix, by one of our long-time favorite producers, Dave Tarrida, flashbacks pure, unadulterated Sativae (the label Tarrida founded in Scotland in 1994) with the futurist stylings of the man 15 years later: bassy, assured, glitchy and funky, with repessed, wildly nuanced frequencies; this is techno that bubbles and carresses the subversive soul.

The original mix is hardly a walk through, either. Think swirling dark and poppy sci-fi future-tech, an automated rhythm structure to kill for, and glances at the more open-minded past work-outs of Edinburgh, Detroit, Melbourne and Berlin - along with a sordid, demanding robotic voice that would slay the floor at any time of night.



3 Comments to “Homme Studio – Nom de Dieu (Dave Tarrida Remix)”

  1. Nice track, both of them. Continue this way dear friend. You will go far anyway.

    Steve (You know who I am)
  2. Hello, thanks for comment
    Good music you…

    Homme Studio
  3. Brilliant release, both from Homme Studio and the ever-reliable Mr Tarrida; absolutely loving this!

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)