Zen Paradox was established in 1991 by Steve Law as a solo outlet for his more techno oriented electronic music work. Steve has previously been a member of the groups Foil and Guild of Fire, and is a current member of Black Cab and High Pass Filter. His other solo projects include Mutagenic Mind, Mr. Suspicious and Solitary Soul.

Steve has been producing avant garde and electro-acoustic music since 1984, and in 1996 was awarded the ABC Classic FM Computer Music Award for his composition “Urbania”. He has collaborated with many other artists, including recorded works as Starseed Transmission (with Andrew Park), The Sonic Voyagers (with Voiteck), Retreat Syndrome (with Andrew Belcher), The Mutagen Server (with Ollie Olsen), Son of Science (with Andrew Garton) and Memory Geist (with Bakis Sirros).

His live collaborators include Monolake, Andy Vaz, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Riou Tomita, Alistair Riddell, Ash Wednesday, Stephen Richards, Sean Baxter, Tom Fryer, Rod Cooper, Ai Yamamoto, James Wilkinson, Dale Nason and The Terminal Quartet.

Styles: Techno, Tech House, Trance, Minimal, Electro, Psy, Downtempo




12 Comments to “Zen Paradox: Liquid Spheres EP”

  1. This EP is so perfect! Techy, progressive, trancey, melodic, minimalistic and groovey.

    Psi Room
  2. Retina Glimmer is great track, pretty flow

  3. My ol mate Steve has always been a true Wizard of Electronica. This is high quality! Good to see you are still going strong mate. Full Support!

    Kris Andersen
  4. this release goes all over the place. Give these a listen twice, its worth it.

  5. dark cerulean sounds good for me

    Smokin Circles
  6. great tracks will play these

  7. Another fantastic record from my favorite Australian composer. Congratulations to all involved.

    Ein Kleiner Schelm
  8. What a beautiful set of tracks, some sounds remind me of the first Alter Ego album, which is one of my all time favourites. This goes into my August chart!

    DJ Hi-Shock
  9. Retina Glimmer is awesome kinda atmospheric track. love the synths and pads used here. it is pretty yet would be so awesome to hear in a big room

    Ariel Cybana
  10. A wicked release. Melodic, powerfull techno. Hypochondriac Wasp is the one for me

    Material Object
  11. Steve Law does it for me – yet again. When am I ever going to get used to the flexibility and creative talents of this guy? ‘Retina Glimmer’ starts off deceptively chilled and floral in sentiment; but ‘Hypochondriac Wasp’ introduces and organic, liquid-electro take on minimal Detroit, and ‘Shon Spagnolia’ would be at home on any quality Basic Channel release. Beautiful, challenging, and quite often hypnotic.

    Andrez Bergen aka Little Nobody
  12. Retina Glimmer takes me back to 98, has an old school Sasha & Digweed feel to it. Great work, will slam this for sure.

    Dirty [M]