Sydney label Hypnotic Room introduces their latest new talent from Japan – Miruga, who presents us with a fusion of deep, tribal house grooves, that are full of lush, big room pads and jazzy, minimalistic, Detroit influenced funky tech-house rhythms.

Styles: Deep Tech House, Tribal, House




14 Comments to “Miruga – Wall of Sound EP”

  1. Wall of sound’s slow building vibe works for me best on this EP. Will work well at the start of my sets.

  2. Wall of sound has a cool slow build up. perfect for an early session. Beep I can see it working very well on a quite late session. wil suport

  3. good release with lots of soul to it. i love the tribal elements of “beep” and it’s deep tech feel.

  4. I like Beep, really sick and twisted and super super dubby tech house, really good afterhours stuff.

    Kev Obrien
  5. The Beep (original Mix) has a nice dark hypnotic feel with a progressive tribal bassline. Will support

  6. wall os sound is a nice deep house style track

    Sasha Le Monnier
  7. Wall of Sound has got some great pads and atmospheric sounds, nice package!

    Ben Coda
  8. Wall of Sound by Miruga is excellently hypnotic and deep tech house. Definitely warp my mind out to the space

    DJ Supercozi
  9. Wall Of Sound is a beautiful deep tune.

  10. Wall of Sound indeed, love the progression in this track. Absolutly amazing.

    Dirty [M]
  11. Wall of Sound will be played on my next show, lovely early set track with a relaxed vibe. got that early global underground feel. good stuff

    Dave Carden
  12. This music have an amazing vibe and great groove!!!

  13. These tracks have an absolutely gorgeous texture to them. It’s almost seductive and hypnotic to be listening to them. The main comment that I have with these is that they seem to be very drawn out. If they could be edited down and the main ideas brought out more, I would say that this could be a really great EP. My favorite track is Wall Of Sound.

    Darin Epsilon
  14. wall of sound is awesome. this release is lovely and a bit basic channel-ish. beautiful stuff.

    Chloe Harris