One of Hypnotic Room’s regular producers, Takashi Watanabe, returns from his well-deserved winter break with his latest release, the ‘To Go’ EP. It might be winter in Japan, but you wouldn’t know it with this latest release from Japan’s wonder kid. Whether it’s that he is trying to heat up the dancefloor, or begging the listener to envision daydreaming on a summery island, he succeeds in both realms with abundance.

Takashi’s ‘To Go’ EP is a Tech-House release solid in the foundations of rhythm and melody fused together by tribal percussion and filtered keys. All tracks, whilst being atmospheric and dreamy (thanks to nice reverbs and resonant percussion) are funky and floor orientated too (thanks to deep basslines and solid kicks).

Not much more to be said other than “He has done it again”.

Styles: Deep Tech House, Techno




9 Comments to “Takashi Watanabe – To Go EP”

  1. Who Got !

    Miss Nine
  2. Cool building groove

    Andy Newland
  3. Who got more to give??” WICKED

  4. i love the feel of this release! this is a master piece!

  5. Nice one, like To Go

    Kev Obrien
  6. Bright and original sounding production – Love M.T.Y with a deep house edge to it – will definitely play out.

    Jon Sinclair
  7. Who Got is the one for me here. I will play this one for sure.

    Aaron Lee
  8. cool, freaky, very uplifting and funky!

    Roell Sapphire
  9. Very nice EP, I like these sounding

    Chris Drifter