One of our label’s smash hits for 2008 gets a brilliant bit of remixing magic!

If you’re lucky, you may vividly recall the Little Nobody track ‘Robota’. It featured vocoder vocals from Toshiyuki Yasuda – one of Si Begg’s favorite musicians, and who’d just finished a job with Señor Coconut – and the outcome was talked up by the likes of Steve Stoll and John Acquaviva.

To do his very own wind-up remix of that killer combo, here we lassooed in the insanely respected Mr Paul Birken (Communique, Drop Bass Network) erstwhile Freddie Fresh collaborator, and the Tonewrecker himself – also a man Little Nobody has pretty much idolized for years.

In his Twitter blog just prior to wrapping his mix in February, Paul remarked: “Never had so many changes of ideas in a remix before the final version. Crazy Muddy Waters mindset.” When we got said mix, our own first reaction? That breaky acid is so funky, funky, funky – and this is innovative, pelvis-gyrating, downright grubby future blues!

The inaugural Elektronauts remix that follows this up brings together Simon Nielsen (DJ Hi-Shock) and Little Nobody’s Andrez Bergen, in a collaborative free-for-all that is one moment the purist, glorious techy sound DJ Hi-Shock is famous for; the next it’s wild acid, and then goes on into wonderfully eclectic electronica in the terrain of Si Begg or, well, Little Nobody – full of winding-down robotic noises and glitches.

Japanese wunderkind Takashi Watanabe brings up the rear with an excellent, precision-perfect Detroit-tech interpretation of ‘Robota’ that we’ve come to expect from Kyushu’s finest purveyor of the style.

Styles: Acid, Techno, Tech House, Detroit, Breaks, Electronica.




13 Comments to “Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira – Robota Remixes”

  1. I am LOVIN’ that Elektronauts remix – that is hench!

    DJ Steve Found
  2. “Paul Birkens mix all the the electronic spin.. remids me of my own personal jesus” – 4/5

    SAMSARA (Global Frequencies)
  3. That Electonauts remix is totally flipping my wig around manically, so expect to hear that one being mixed at some stage!

  4. Takashi Watanabe Remix for me

    Chris Drifter (Hungary)
  5. Elektronauts is good one! Sounds like the Terminator on a kill spree.

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  6. very nice electro release! i love it!

    Jim_Star (Canada)
  7. Electronauts and Paul Birken amazing!!

    DJ Ichitomi
  8. R-O-B-O-T-A-!
    all mixes lovely.

    Pete PSAF
  9. Paul Birken rmx for me!

    ray mcphoney
  10. Paul Birken mix is astoundingly different!

    Nina P
  11. Love the energy and chaos of the Elektronauts remix :)

    Bitch Shift
  12. Another quality release from elektrax.
    Paul Birken remix is kraftwerk meets depeche mode, excellent track. Will defo play this out.
    Elektronauts mix is solid and banging.
    Takashis take on this is very rythmic, great groove.

    Hologram Hookers
  13. The Paul Birken remix rocks!

    DJ Hi-Shock