Schlock Tactile is another alias for regular Hypnotic Room producer Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody), kick-started in 2000 as a project aligned towards drum & bass and plunderphonics, but more recently focused on schlock-electro and glitz ‘n’ glam kitsch disquo-house – along with cool beats and other pieces.

Starting proceedings is ‘Love Me Slender’, a track we’re absolutely diggin’, especially when the real kick drops in at around the one minute mark; that last layer gets it really pumping. The tribal percussion with the trills works a treat, too, with the steel drum that chimes in every eight bars or so. Anyway, its a nice groovy touch. If anything, it’s like Little Nobody in his ‘Poiseworks’ mode rammed together with the Pharma label output of Jammin’ Unit and Kerosene in the late ’90s.

Specially brought in for this project on remix honors is fellow Aussie Craig McWhinney (Nightshade/Haul Music), one of Melbourne’s finest and more talented current producers. He’s delivered up a wicked mix of ‘Love Me Slender’ that we absolutely love: Deep and dirty tribal tech with phat grooves, and pitch-perfect, superb peaks and bassy troughs – this is precisely our cup of tea!

The EP wraps on ‘The Cow That Barked’, a sensation unto itself. Think swirling, controlled chaos – until the 1:39 mark, when that same vibe continues, albeit in repressed form, as the track launches into a mesmerizing, twisted disquo-tech-house wrap that’s as funky as hell, it would absolutely flatten any grooved-up, loved-up dancefloor. Think Gene Farris, Felix da Housecat, Tobias Schmidt and Orbital all sandwiched together, and you may just begin to get the gist. Kitsch has suddenly become cool!




14 Comments to “Schlock Tactile – Love Me Slender”

  1. “The Cow That Barked” reminds me of some old Justin Berkovi tracks. I like this the best.

    Anton Banks
  2. Quite blowing my skirt up at the moment is the Craig McWhinney remix, very very Claude Vonstroke – which is just fine and bloody dandy with me as I LOVE his label.

    DJ Steve Found
  3. The cow that barked is uber cool. Slender is great too! Hence the remix ;) Good package. And that ain’t just nepotism speaking….

    Craig mcWhinney
  4. Radically different and cool.

    DJ Ichitomi
  5. Lovin the Tribal take on “Love me Slender” and “The Cow that Barked” has some wonderful nuance buried within it as well.
    Great Tuneage!!

  6. Original sounds like Jammin Unit/4E stuff. Sick!!

  7. the McWhinney mix moos loudly!

  8. track two fav, deep tribal groove, got the beat for the feet

  9. Great all round funky release. Particularly like the bass work on the McWhinney remix.

    Bitch Shift
  10. will play original!

  11. Reminds me of the Pharma tunes from Berlin from the late-90’s, mixed with Relief stuff outta Chicago round the same time. Juicy.

    Pete PSAF
  12. A CLUB thumper!

    Bitch Shift
  13. Wicked release, i love the cow artwork :)

    DJ Hi-Shock
  14. Absolutely rocking!!

    Nina P